That awkward moment when you find out that there is a pretty nice beach approximately 30 minutes away from your house. No seriously, right smack in the middle of the GTA there is a little piece of paradise at the base of Toronto's most famous hiking spot; Scarborough Bluffs . Yeah, you can imagine my surprise last week when I thought I was going to hike to the top of the Bluffs only to end up at the beach. The real kicker is that I forgot to pack a swimsuit and as one can expect, with September fast approaching, that would most likely be my first and last trip to the beach this summer. Well, at least I have these gorgeous photos to remember it by and who knows perhaps an autumnal visits is in the cards; you know before winter rears its ugly head  with it's endless months of miserable weather.

Anyhow, do enjoy these photos that I took that day and I vow, one day to make it to the top of the Bluffs. Seriously, I feel like the only Torontonian who hasn't been -oy vey

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