This past May my mother and I decided to go on a girls trip to Varadero Cuba, to vacation on their sandy beaches and enjoy some time away from life's usual stresses. I am a strong believer that a good vacation can do wonders for your soul. There is something about getting away for a few days that allows you to press restart and recharge your batteries. Prior to this trip I haven't had an actual vacation, one where I was able to swim in an ocean or relax on a beach, in about 5 years. So it is safe to say I really needed this trip. 

Usual on my trips I like to be pretty active and explore my new surroundings, however that was not the case this time. I knew early on that I wanted this trip to be solely about relaxing and enjoying each others company so my usual planning and trip itinerary was caste aside. That being said we did plan a day trip into Havana to explore the historic city. I have always heard that visiting the city of Havana is like stepping out of a time machine and I definitely understand why. From the architecture to the old fashioned cars, appropriately called older timers by the locals, the entire city feels like it is set in another time period; which I believe adds to its charm. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy these series of photos I took on our tour through Old Town Havana. Our nice tour guide took us around all of the popular sites in Havana, including some history/ art museums, the National Ballet School, The Capital building (El Capitolio), Revolution Square, to name a few. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip but I thoroughly enjoyed our time and I can't wait to visit the city again.

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