I must admit that even though our third day in Montreal was short lived it was my personal fave. Which says a lot because I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the city and I have already begun planning my return. Anyway, that morning, before we left the city and sat in ridiculous amounts of long weekend traffic, we decided to check out one of Montreal's famous markets as well as spend sometime exploring it's surrounding neighborhood. Something that I recently learned about Montreal is that, much like NYC, the city is divided into little boroughs; each with their own distinct personality and vibe. That morning we explored Little Burgundy, a vibrant little town home to local businesses, cool cafes and of course to Montreal's famous Atwater Market.

The Atwater Market is an indoor farmers market that operates throughout the year, seven days a week. The market is home to a variety of butcher and cheese counters as well as numerous produce stalls. In addition, the market is also home to the ever popular Première Moisson bakery, which is where we had breakfast that morning.

Première Moisson creates some of the most incredible cakes and most mouth watering pastries I have ever laid my eyes upon and if we didn't have a four hour drive ahead of us I would have for sure picked up one of their chocolate trio cakes. I mean just take a look at it. I'll being seeing that cake in my dreams.

 W H A T   I ' M   W E A R I N G

Tank Top: H&M // Shorts: Aritzia // Sandals: Call it Spring (Similar + On Sale) // Choker Necklace: DIY (Coming Soon) //  Bag: Coach

Along side of their amazing pastries and cakes Première Moisson also bakes a variety of bread that they also incorporate into their sandwiches. For Breakfast I had a one of their bacon grilled cheese sandwiches as well as one of their almond croissants. Although I found my  sandwich, or better yet the bread, to be hard as a rock due to what I can only assume is a combination of the bread being toasted in addition to being grilled; I still found it to be quite tasty. In hindsight I would suggest either taking the sandwich to go or asking them to heat it in the microwave. The croissant on the hand was glorious. It was lite and sweet and flaky and I wish I picked up more. After breakfast we exited the market through the garden center and made our way back to the hotel for check out. Of course stopping every few steps for photos. My cousin even spotted that lone Canada Day balloon floating in the distance, which I think made for a really cool shot.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my three part Travel Diary of my recent trip to Montreal. I seriously had a blast. Montreal is a beautiful city, I can see why it's one of Canada's most popular tourist destination, I can't wait to head back and see even more of the city. Till then be sure to check out Part One and Two to see what I got up to on the first and second day of my trip.

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