On day two of our trip we awoke to rainy and cloudy skies, however despite the drastic change from the previous day's weather we were determined to enjoy our first full day in the city. For breakfast we headed over to Hotel Europa on Drummond St. to dine at the Cora located inside. Cora is one of my favourite brunch spots; they offer a wide assortment of breakfast and lunch options at affordable prices. After brunch we spent the afternoon working off our meal with the help of a little retail cardio. We zipped in and out of our favourite stores along Saint-Catherine as well as took in the sights and sounds of Montreal's Caribbean parade.

When we were done with our shopping spree we then headed back to our hotel to unload our shopping bags and rest up for our next adventure. Once we were recharged we ventured over to the other side of the city to Mount Royal Park. Mount Royal Park is Montreal's largest greenspace within the city. It is also home to a large mountain and on top of that mountain is a Chalet which opens up onto a grand look out point that over looks the entire city. But to get to the look-out point and to it's incredible city view we had to climb the mountain. And climb we did.

Located at the base of the mountain at the corner of Peel St. and Pine Ave. are a set of stairs that will take you right up the mountain to the Chalet. How convenient right? Yeah, so long as you are comfortable climbing over 300 steps. I suggest you bring your workout shoes and or a bottle of water. Yeah, I wish I was exaggerating. Strenuous climb aside the view from the Chalet really is extraordinary. I mean look at it. Stunning right? 

W H A T   I ' M   W E A R I N G

Jacket: Zara // Jumpsuit: Aritzia (old) similar here  // Bag: Coach // Choker: DIY (coming soon) // Watch: Guess // Bracelet: Pandora

I honestly couldn't take my eyes off of the view; it more than made up for the climb, at least I think so. I can only imagine what type of outdoor events they'd hold on top of the mountain. The space is huge. On my next visit I'd like spend an entire afternoon exploring the park maybe even plan a picnic or something. After we finished taking in the view and were semi-rested we headed down the mountain for dinner. Good news, the climb down is much easier but you'll still feel sore the next day.

For dinner we dined at a really cool Mexican place right on Peel St. We found it particularly amusing that after we had climbed all of those stairs on the mountain we just so happened to pick a multi-storey restaurant for dinner.  The atmosphere of the place was really cool and the in house DJ sucked us in by playing all of our favourite old school songs. After dinner we were all so tired and the only thing that was on our mind was a long hot shower, so it was off to the hotel we went. Let me know what you think of part two of my Montreal Travel Diary and be sure to stick around for part three. Oh and if you haven't yet don't forget to check out part one to see what we got up to on the first day of our trip.

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