The other day while I was sorting through my shoe collection, taking stock of all my summer appropriate shoes, I came to the conclusion that my wardrobe was in desperate need of some footwear variation. Well that, and I really wanted to some new sandals for the summer. Anyway I thought I would take advantage of the numerous summer sales that are currently taking place and round up a couple pairs that I am currently loving and that I think would make the perfect additions to my closest. Oh, and did I mention that these are all under $100. Happy Shoe Shopping.

 (a bit more than $100 but it's ok. This pair got better reviews than all the inexpensive ones I looked at)

(one of my more recent shoe purchases. I have so much fun styling these. They make every outfit that much cooler)

11. Chinese Laundry Gracious Sandal
(I love a glitzy sandal. I can already tell these will be wildly sparkly and reflective)

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