I present to you the final installment of my New York City Travel Diary. Long over due, I know. I honestly forgot just how many photos I had to sort through; a sign of a great trip I assure you. Day three, much like our second day, was jammed packed with activities and sights to see. We began our day on the Upper East Side exploring Central Park. But before we entered the park we had to make a pit stop at the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza has secured its spot as one of NYC most iconic landmarks. Personally I think it is due to the popular Eloise Children Books as well as the squeal for Home Alone (which just so happens to be my favourite Home Alone film). That being said, I am sure some could argue alternative reasons for the Plaza hotel being as well known as it is, but those are mine.

After visiting the Plaza and touring it's underground foot court, we made our way back outside and into the park. I've visited central park once before but I'm pretty sure it was on the opposite end, the North side. This time around I wanted to make sure that I saw all the famous central park sights, including the carousel, Bethesda Fountain & Terrace, the Boat House and Belvedere Castle. I think it is safe to saw we spent the majority of our day just exploring the South end of the park. Could you imagine if we tried to see the entire thing, we could have easily spent the entire day in there. Special thanks to my Uncle, the tour guide, for suffering through his allergies for me.

After visiting the castle we made our way out of the park over to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Me being the true Gossip Girl fan that I am really wanted to get a picture on top of the steps, however that dream was abruptly crushed when we arrive to find the entire main entrance blocked off. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the steps were closed off in preparation for the annual Met Gala that was set take place the following night. Seriously, what are the odds of that? I could have swore the Met Gala takes place later in the year, but hey it is what it is.   

After finding out about the steps' closure, we retreated back to the Greenwich Village for a late lunch on Bleaker st. but not without a brief stroll through NYU and Washington Square Park. After lunch we stopped at the cutest bakery/ cafe for dessert. My mom and I split a giant peanut-butter cookie complete with chopped Reese's Pieces inside. And yes, you already know I'll be recreated them at some point of time. We concluded our evening window shopping in SOHO, which was probably for the best as I could foresee my mother and I doing some real damage there during operational hours. Also how gorgeous is it over there. All those industrial iron front building are truly stunning.

After another long day of walking and exploring NYC we wanted to keep our night pretty low-key so after visiting SOHO we made our way back to our hotel to rest up and pack for our trip back home. I hope you enjoyed my New York City Travel Diary. We saw and did a whole lot during those three days in the city and yet there are still so many more things to do and see. There is something so magical about that city and I hope to return to soon; most likely with another mile long list of sights and attractions.

As always let me know what you think about my NYC travel diary and if there is anything you recommend I check out the next time I'm there.

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