Happy New Year lovelies! How has everyone been enjoying the first week of 2017? Have we set any new year resolutions, if so let me know what they are in the comments below. My winter break was nice a relaxing and as you can probably tell I'm in a bit of a chatty mood so I thought I would round up my favourite beauty products of last year and share them in my annual best of beauty post. This past year I haven't been acquiring a ton of new makeup, I've been sticking to my tried and true, go to items. That being said I though I'd go a head a share some products that I've been loving and that I haven't necessarily mentioned before.

LORAC PRO PALETTE 3 -Lorac makes some of the best shadows ever. Their pro palettes are out of this world. I'm so happy I own all three.

NARS LOVEJOY BLUSH -NARS blushes are my weakness and Lovejoy has been the perfect addition to my collection. It is the perfect all season colour.
PRADA CANDY L'EAU FRAGRANCE -one of my newest fragrance purchases. I love how this adaption isn't as sweet as the original candy scent. It is much liter then the original.

OPI MY VAMPIRE IS BUFF NAIL POLISH -if you know me, you'd know how much I love my classic neutral polish shades and I like how this one has a nice cream tint to it.

GUCCI GUILTY FRAGRANCE -hands down my favourite fragrance purchase of the year. I love this scent so much I even purchased a roller-ball to keep in my purse.

TOO FACED FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE LIQUID LIPSTICK -I adore these liquid lipsticks from Too Faced and this metallic brown colour is my favourite; it even smells like chocolate.

MAC WHIRL LIP LINER -MAC has some of the best lip liners and c'mon whirl is a staple.

ANASTASIA OF BEVERLY HILLS ALLISON LIQUID LIPSTICK  -I finally gave into the ABH hype and picked up one of their liquid lipsticks and now I'm a believer. This shade is such a nice pinky brown that looks great on everyone.

BUXOM HOT TODDY LIP GLOSS -my obsession with lip gloss is officially back. Thank you Buxom for creating some of the best lip glosses around... Ugh, but could you create so more shades of the cream version, aka the ones without all the glitter.. K, Thanks.

BOSCIA CHARCOAL CLEANSING SPONGE -I swear this little magic sponge has single handily saved my skin. I mean I haven't changed any part of my skin care routine so it must be this sponge.. right? Anyway, this gem has been helping to keep my skin nice and clean and I've been loving the results.

LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER -okay, this one is sort of two part favourite. Like everyone else this year, I feel in love with baking my makeup as opposed to simply setting. It truly makes all the difference and Laura Mercier powders are the best for the technique.

And those are all of my 2016 beauty favourites. This year I'm to try to buy a little less makeup and a bit more clothes. I've been really liking sharing outfit posts here on the blog so this year I'll be trying to post more of those. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's post and let me know what your favourite beauty item was last year.

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