Left Swatch Blended, Right Swatch Layered
NARS Blush in Lovejoy

I've been itching to add yet another NARS blush to my collection since I have been wearing my one in Sin practically daily. Now as much as I love that golden berry hue, for the spring and summer I was leaning toward a more natural everyday shade, a shade that I could wear year round and still look gorgeous and seasonally appropriate in. You will recall from my most recent Spring Wish List post that I've had my eyes on the shade Lovejoy for sometime now, so it was obviously number one on my list.

NARS describes Lovejoy as a shimmery bronze rose which I think is a pretty accurate description. Fair warning though the photo on the Sephora site does not do this blush any justice. Those stock photos on websites always tend to be off, at least in my opinion. Anyway at first glance you may think that this particular shade wouldn't flatter my skin tone due to it's soft brown nature but on the cheeks it provides the most beautiful natural flush to my skin while simultaneously giving my cheeks a subtle glow thanks to the golden sheen it possesses. 

Much like all of NARS' blushes or at least from the ones that I have; a grand total of three, this blush is just as pigmented and blendable as the others. See it swatched on my fingers, my index finger shows the pigmentation from just one swipe of the blush, while my middle fingers shows the pigmentation from two swipes. For me and my complexion I thoroughly enjoy building this blush up and blending it out to achieve the desired look I happen to be going for that day. Some days I prefer for a more understated and light application other days I want my blush to really pop. I guess I just like having options. Again, like the rest of NARS blushes this one comes in the brand's standard rubberized compact and retails for about $38 CND. As always, tell me what you think of this blush? Do you own any NARS blushes? Which one is your favourite? I think this might just be my last blush purchase, not ever mind you, but at least for a good while. I actually feel like I have all my blush bases covered now and if I was going to buy another one I'd have to really think about what benefit or what void it would fill in my collection. Let me know if you get like that with a makeup or beauty item. Are you pretty strategic or are you a more the merrier type?