I can't even tell you how long it's been since I bought a new fragrance. Seriously, it feels like ages, or maybe that's just because in the last month I have finished not one but two fragrances; on top of the one I finished in April. As I mentioned in my last empties, I really hate finishing fragrances. I know we buy them to use them and that they'll eventually go bad if we don't; but still. I hate seeing a beloved fragrance come to end and having all the attached feelings and memories associated with the scent fizzle away. Surely some of you must feel me on this. Anyway this is not what today's post is about. Today's post is all about the latest edition to my perfume collection.

During Sephora's Spring sale I picked up this Gucci fragrance, as it has been on my wishlist for quite sometime. Gucci Guilty, the women's fragrance, was released in 2010 leading the way for the men's fragrance, of the same name, that following year. Gucci Guilty is described  as a sheer, floral-oriental fragrance with bursts of citrus and subtle hints of pink pepper. According to the popular fragrance encyclopedia site, Fragrantica, Gucci Guilty also contains notes of amber, patchouli, peach, geranium and lilac. That being said, at first sniff I find the amber, patchouli and lilac notes to be the more dominate force behind the scent.

This fragrance also has a very warm and musky aroma to it which I believe is due to the amber notes it contains. I must admit that this fragrance is a tad more mature than the ones I usually lean towards, however I find that with it's base notes I am instantly reminded of several fragrances I own and love already. Both Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy and Chloe's self-titled Chloe fragrance contain strong notes of amber and are two fragrances that I truly adore. Yes, Viva La Juicy is way sweeter and Chloe is much more floral, but the warm undertone is still very much apparent in the two.

I am actually surprised by how versatile this fragrance actually is. At first sniff the musk and warmth in the fragrance is obviously much more suited for the evenings but as I get older I find myself wearing more musky scents all throughout the day, especially in the winter months. I want to mention briefly how much I love the fragrance's packaging. The combination of the gold metal and the glass really adds the scents luxurious feel and proves quite practical as I can easily see how much fragrance remains after each use.

The price of this perfume varies depending on it's size as well as the retailer but you purchase the small roller-ball for $34 CND and the 1oz bottle for $68 CND at your local Sephora store as well as online. If the price is a little too steep for you I strongly recommend waiting to for one of Sephora's Bi-Annual sales to receive a discount. I find those sales to be the perfect opportunity to splurge a bit. As always let me know what you thought of today's post, have you purchased a new fragrance recently? What is your go to scent for the summer?