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Thanks to the revival of the ballet flat I am now free to live out my childhood dream of being a Prima Ballerina. Growing up the girly girl that I was, and that I remain today, I was obsessed with all things girly; from Barbie dolls, to the colour pink, I was into it all. I even had an obsession with ballerinas, so much so that there was even a time when I took ballet. However, that didn't last long. Following my first set of lessons I discovered that I wasn't exactly cut out for the ballerina life, which then prompted me to hang up my tutu and slippers for good. So Misty Copeland can rest easy, I won't be coming for her title anytime soon. For now I'll stick to rocking ballet flats like these and living out my ballerina fantasies on the low. Let me know if you too had a childhood obsession and be sure to check out some of ballerina flat options featured below so that you too can look on point or better yet en pointe.

Top: Guess (OLD) similar here // Pants: Aritzia (Blue & ON SALE in Cream) // Shoes: Zara (OLD - Shop Alternatives Below) // Watch: Guess // Bracelet & Ring: Pandora

Photography by: WinLeith