If this top looks familiar, which I doubt it does, its because I featured the black version in my last outfit post. That being said, you really couldn't see it as I wore it with an all black outfit. I really liked how it looked paired with the short skirt, it made it appear like I was wearing a dress. Anyway, back to today's post. Something that you'd ought to know about me is that when I like something, I am not opposed to buying it in every available colour, within reason of course, which is exactly what I did with this top from Express. 

The thing that really appealed to be about this top is its high-low design. Not sure if you can tell from the photos but the back of the sweater is actually much longer than the front. It's a nice feature that makes this top the perfect compliment for a variety of bottoms. I could easily wear it with a pair of leggings and not feel like my booty was completely exposed. Another detail that I really like in this top is it's asymmetrical design. Again these photos don't really pick up the design but the front of the sweater features two sets of diagonal textured lines. The photos on the website probably do a much better job of showcasing it. I also love how warm and cozy this sweater made me feel which is perfect considering we're heading into those unpredictable Spring days. As always Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you'd like to see more outfit posts here on xo.Janiecyxo.

  Top: Express // Jeans: Gap (Without Distressing)  //  Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths // Watch: Guess // Ring: Pandora // Bracelets: Similar

Photography by: JD-Brown