For the holidays mac released their Enchanted Eve makeup collection, which not only included numerous sets for eyes and lip, but also included three different brush sets geared towards the basic, essential and mineralized needs of the average makeup enthusiast; and for Christmas Santa was nice enough to place not one but two of those sets under my tree. I received the enchanted eve basic brush set as well as the irresistibly charmingly nude gloss set.

Starting with the brushes, these are the first mac brushes I have had the pleasure of trying. I don't know about you guys but I have always heard that the brushes mac creates for their limited edition brush sets were lack luster and generally not as well made as their typical pro brushes. Like I said, I don't own any other mac brushes so I can't say whether or not that is true, but what I can tell you is that I am incredibly found of these brushes and they have definitely peaked my interest and made me think about acquiring a few more. The set itself houses five miniature versions of your standard makeup brushes, a fluffy blush brush (116), an angled foundation brush (193), a small tapered blending brush (226), a fluffy shadow brush (213) and finally a small angled liner brush (266)

The standouts in this set includes the tapered blending brush, the fluffy shadow brush and the blush brush. Those are the three that I've found particularly useful additions to my collection. I like using the tapered blending brush for a more precise shadow application in my crease, I enjoy using the fluffy shadow brush to set my eyeshadow primer as well applying a base shadow to my lid, and for the blush brush I like to use it to either apply blush/ highlight or to dust away any lose powder after baking. I also enjoy the angle liner brush and the angle foundation brush, I like to use the foundation brush to apply my pro long wear concealer, but they just not my favourite out of the five. I guess I'll have to play around with them more.

Moving on to the glosses, I received the nude set which includes three cremesheen glosses and one dazzleglass. Now in the order in which they appear in the swatch above, the three cremesheen glosses are deep kiss, a dark berry, deelight, a natural pinky mauve, dress the part, a pale bubblegum pink and finally the dazzleglass, appropriately titled dressed to dazzle; which is a sheer lilac gloss with iridescent blue glitter. The standouts for me in this set are deelight, a typical Janeese shade and deep kiss, my favouriter no-fuss way to incorporate a bold lip during the winter. Over the years I have accumulated quite a few mac glosses, but these are my first cremesheen glosses. MAC's cremesheen glosses are by far their most popular gloss formula and I can see why. They are incredibly pigmented and comfortable to wear. They aren't as glossy or as long wearing as other glosses but they are lovely nonetheless. I own only one dazzleglass so I know how exactly how the formula is. MAC's dazzleglasses are known for being over the top glittery and crazy sticky and dressed to dazzle is no different. That being said I know that over the right lipstick and paired with the right look this gloss could look quite striking and be the perfect compliment for a night out.

I believe the brush set retailed for $55 and the gloss set around $30. Unfortunately, both of these sets are limited edition and are probably already sold out, but if you are really interested I suggest you check out your local mac store for any leftover stock. Either that or wait until next year since mac release sets like these every year around the holidays. Anyway let me know what you think and what mac brushes are your faves. Like I said, I'm in the mood to get some more.