I guess this sort of goes without saying but I totally slacked on the summer reading. And by slacked I mean failed miserably. Okay I know summer isn't technically over, at least according to the calendar, so there's still a bit of time left; but honestly I'm ashamed of myself. Especially since I wanted to reread the entire Hunger Games series before the final movie comes out later this fall. But hey what can you do. I did however make time to read the one book that I truly wanted to read. The Girl On The Train. I heard amazing things about this novel, comparing it to Gone Girl. A novel I adored. So I was extremely eager to read Hawkins' work.

The Girl On The Train is Paula Hawkins debut psychological thriller. The story is told in a three way perspective, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The main narrator is Rachel, a newly divorced women how has taken her failed marriage as personal as one can by turning to the bottle. Rachel takes the same train in and out of the city pretending to go to work as she was recently fired due to her excessive drinking and foul attitude. Daily Rachel's train stops at the same signal where she is offered a gimps into her former life. The house she once shared with her ex-husband, now occupied by him, his new wife Anna and their daughter. Everyday Rachel tries not to stare at the life that used to belong to her, instead she distracts herself by focusing on the house four doors over. Rachel is immediately drawn to the owners, even making up her own version of their lives, complete with their own personas. To her they appear as perfect and as happy as she used to be. It isn't until she sees something completely wild on one of her commutes that sends her into a frenzy.

I wanted desperately to love this novel. It had amazing reviews, the concept was great, the three part narration was nice but all of this wasn't enough to make me outright love this book. I think the reason why I didn't enjoy the book all the much might be due to that fact that I had my expectations set too high. honestly I wanted another Gone Girl. No I wanted something better than Gone Girl, more suspenseful, more sinister; and The Girl On The Train did not deliver. Not only that but I was able to spot the main twist almost imediatly, which is the main reason why I wanted to read this book in the first place.  I was basically reading to confirm my prediction while also hoping that I was wrong and that something juicier would take place. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed to be right. 

All in all, I'm glad I was finally able to read the novel and I can generally see why so many loved it and why it became a best seller. Sadly it didn't do it for me in terms of shock value. But what do you guys think? Those of you who've read this novel, was it thrilling enough for you? Let me know in the comments and as always if you have any book recommendations feel free to leave them below; I'd love to check them out.