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First and foremost I would like to introduce my new refreshed blog. I've been wanting to upgrade my blog for a while now, and I know it seems like I just had a blog refresh not too long ago but I wasn't truly happy with it. I really wanted to go a more professional and polished route in terms of my overall blog aesthetic; case in point  my brand new header/ logo. I took some inspiration from some of my favourite blogs, which you can see a full list here, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. There is still a lot of things I want to change but for now I am content with the way it looks. Now on to the reason for this post.
Today I wanted to spotlight a shoe trend that has taken over the game as of late, and chances are you already own a pair or two of your own. We all know that sandals are a quintessential part of summer and they can honestly make or break an outfit. However slip on sandals also known as slides have really blown up this season. For those of you who may not know slides are basically any shoe or sandal that is backless  and opened-toed. Think a flip-flop meets a mule. One particular type of slide sandal that has really grown in popularity is the Birkenstock.

Now Birkenstocks have their own spot in everyday street style and it seems like the athletic sandal has joined them. Yes, you heard that right, they're not just for the locker room. Above I have included some of my top picks; from causal and classic, to metallic and glamorous and I even sporty. These sandals all come in a variety of styes, colour and of course prices. Check them out below.

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Believe it or not all three of these earthy slides are from Forever 21, so you know they're affordable.

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The two gold ones are from Steve Madden while the silver pair is Sam Edelman. Which one do you prefer? 

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Admittedly, I wouldn't usually gravitate to these sporty slides but there something so interesting and intriguing about them. Especially when they're paired with a flowy feminine silhouette.