This has been a crazy busy and exciting week for me so what better way to end a hectic week with a bit of an update. After searching months for a new job I was finally offered a new position at one of the local supermarket in town. Yes, that's right I officially joined to group of cousins that all work or have worked in a grocery store setting. That group includes two of my cousins as well as my older brother; who is back from Winnipeg and has successfully landed his own full time employment after completing an intensive two month internship. I'm so happy for the both of us and I'm beyond excited to start my new job.

The excitement continues because not only do I have a new job but I also have a new room, well kind of. This past week I painted my bedroom and I couldn't love it more. After stumbling upon this picture on Pinterest, a few months back, I decided right then and there that I needed to do that exact same thing to my room. Pinterest always gives me the best ideas. So anyway the plan of have an accent wall complete with metallic stripes was born and brought to life this week. I couldn't wait to get started but that being said I had know idea how extensive and time consuming this project would be, especially since I'd be going it alone.    

I started off by apply one coat of Killz Primer on the walls and allowed for it to dry over night. The next day I painted three walls with the main colour, Peace by the paint company C.I.L which is a medium indigo shade. I don't know what sparked my sudden interest the blue-er side of the purple spectrum because if you know me I'm a lover of all things lavender and lilac, but this shade is actually starting to grow on me. I find it to be more on the mature side which I something I was worried about when I was choosing paint colours. I wanted my room to represent an adult unlike my old bedroom which I admittedly grew out of.

Later that evening, once the main walls were completely dry, I got to work marking out the stripes on the accent wall and let me be for the first to say that this step is not easy. Okay it wasn't that hard but by no means was it a walk in the park. It all began by measuring the width of each stripe. I initially thought I wanted the stripes to be thinner but I soon changed my mind when I released that would make for a busy pattern on the wall and would also make the accent wall lean more toward the childish side which is something I wanted to avoid. Once I was happy with the width I drew a straight line from one end of the wall to the other, all with the help of a level, so that I could maintain a straight line throughout. I have to admit that it was my first time using the tool and I'm quite proud of my ability to maintain a straight line; though the painter's tape helped a lot. Speaking of painter's tape, after I had drawn out each line I then proceeded to tape out the outline and began to paint. I strongly recommend removing the tape before each stripe dries to avoid any pealing. After I finished with one set of stripes and it was fully dry, I taped out the alternating stripes and began to paint those as well. The purple colour I chose for one set of stripes is also by C.I.L and is called Lavender Stone, which is a grey toned lavender shade, and the metallic stripes is Rust-Oleum's Metallic Accents in the colour Sea Shell.

And that's all she wrote, or painted. Later that night, when the accent wall was dry, I moved my future back in to place and cleaned up my mess. I couldn't help but notice a few minor imperfections, either from pealing paint or paint that has made it onto other parts of the wall, but that's all stuff I can go back an fix another time. So what do you think of my miniature bedroom makeover? I think it's pretty good considering I did it all on my own and only in three days. Below are a few before and after shots I took through out the process.

The first set of photos are the before shots when I the walls were painted a weird yellow toned beige colour. The second photo set is after I applied the first coat of primer to the walls, and the third photo set is of the completed room. I took the photos from this angel so that you can see the comparison of the accent wall with the main walls. The fourth photo was taken when I finished apply the tape outline, before I began painting on the stripes. The fifth and final photo is a more detailed shot of the accent wall when facing it head on.


  1. wooow adorable . I really love your bedroom.

    1. Aw thank you so much Amy I love the way it turned out.

      xo, Janiecy

  2. Wow you've done such an amazing job! I love the silver, it's so clever. Congratulations on your new job :)

    Hannah x