Lorac Pro 3 Palette

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Swatches Left to Right: Truffle, Jet Black, Dark Mocha, Dark Brown, Rose Bronze, Terracotta, Amethyst, Clay, Light Pewter, Pink Nude, Medallion, Cool Taupe, Almond Pearl, Canvas, Light Gold, Blanc

I am back with a long awaited review for you guys but first I must apologize for the lack of content lately. I know it is starting to seem like I start each of my posts off with one excuse or another and I am sorry for that, but I honestly feel so bad for creating such distance here on the blog that I don't know what else to say. All i can do is try and give you the quality blog posts you deserve and that I am pleased to share; like this post here.

You already know how much I love these palettes from Lorac and seeing that this is my third, and dare I say last, palette from them you surely know what to expect. Just like the two before I picked up this palette during a trip to the states, as I am still not sure where you can purchase Lorac here in Canada. If you happen to know of a place please let your girl know -on second thought, maybe you shouldn't. I am going to try and keep this review more on the shorter side since this is my third palette from the brand and thankfully the quality is on par with the first two. You can read my reviews for the first pro palette here and the second here.

Much like the two pro palettes before this one comes with sixteen eye shadows, eight mattes and eight shimmers. These shadows are just as creamy, soft, pigmented and just about everything else I have come to love from the brand. The shades in this palette are much warmer than the second palette but much more neutral than the first, making this my preferred choice out of the three. At the moment my favourite matte shadows are Pink Nude, Clay, Terracotta and Dark Brown, while my favourite shimmers are Medallion, Rose Bronze and Dark Mocha. Much like before my love for the matte shadows just about overshadows my love for the shimmers and that is due to the fact that Lorac does matte eye shadows better than anyone. 

Once again these eye-shadows come housed in the same rubberized package, however the case much like the shadows inside, is a light neutral beige making this palette much more susceptible to dirt and dust; especially considering the amount of kickback these shadows give off. A small price to pay for buttery shadows I guess. Like the other pro palettes this one retails for about $44 at Ulta Beauty and Nordstrom. Now tell me, what to you think of this palette? Do you like it more than the previous selections? I must say I have been gravitating to this one way more than the first two and it is a welcomed addition to my collection.

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