22nd Birthday Wish List

Monday, October 05, 2015

If I'm being completely honest I'm not all that excited for my birthday this year -well I am, but I'm not. Does that make sense? I don't know what it is, but something just seems different this year and yet I can't place what it is. Maybe it's just me getting older and realizing that birthdays aren't as big a deal as I used to think there were growing up. However, part of me wants to hold on to the idea that one should be made to feel special on their big day. Hey, maybe I'm just reading to much into things. Let me know if you think that one should be celebrated once every year or if birthdays are just another day on the calendar to you. 

Anyway, in an attempt to feel more excited about my upcoming birthday I decided to put together a little bday wish list. As usual I don't expect to receive any of these as gifts this year however I do wish to purchase them for myself over time. But who are we kidding wish lists are fun to read and even more fun to make so let's get on with the list.   

So it's official, the navy Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are the hardest shoes to find. I've been looking for these bad boys for a solid two months now. Every time I think I found them they're out of my size or the colour I want. Nonetheless I am determined to own them. Next I have a few MAC products that I think would make the perfect addition to my fall beauty routine. At first glance they all seem more suited for spring and summer based on their coral nature but I personally love the way coral and dusty rose shades look against browns and deep oranges. Moving on I've been lusting after this watch for sometime. I love how sophisticated and chic all DW watches are. 

Okay, now that October is here it is time to fully embrace fall in all it's glory, and what better way to do that than finding the perfect pair of ankle boots. I'm very particular with my boots. They have to be leather, the have to be comfy and most importantly they have to have a side zipper. Your girl has some wide feet and I don't have the time to  be fiddling with my boots trying to get them on and off; which is where these Aldo boots come in. They are exactly what my wardrobe needs.  Moving right along another item that I've been longing for is the Fujifilm polaroid camera. I know, they're incredibly cliche and the film itself is ridiculously over priced but the photos it creates are just so cute and precious. Now the final thing on my wish list may confuse some of you considering it's sort of old school and everyone is all about that Keurig life but I really want to own my own stove top moka pot. For those of you who aren't familiar, a moka pot is basically a stove top espresso maker. At a fraction of the price of any brand name espresso maker this little pot makes some of the best authentic espresso known to man. And everyone who knows me, knows that I love me a good latte and would be floored to be able to make budget friendly cafe style lattes at home.

And that concludes my birthday wish list. Let me know what you think of some of the items I mentioned here today and if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe to xo.Janiecy.xo via Bloglovin' to stay up to date on all future blog posts.