Wish List | Room Decor

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Its been over a year since I started my bed room transformation and honestly I thought I would accumulate more in terms of decor by now. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I have the bulk of the load done; I mean the overall paint job has the biggest impact when you first walk into my room. But I still feel like my room is far from complete. Which is why today I wanted to share a few decor pieces that I think will help spice things up a bit and tie in my room's overall aesthetic. To see some before and after shots of my bed room check out this post where I take you through the paint job. 

1. You can call them weird or crazy if you'd like but theres something about a ceramic animal mount that I just find so en-deer-ing. See what I did there? Anyway I think having a small ceramic mount either above my window or my closet would add an unexpected touch to my room. Let me know where you stand on the animal figurine issue.

2. The fact that I don't have any coasters in my room irritates me each and every time I have a beverage in my room. Don't even get my started on the fact that my side tables are wooden and have yet to be treated. These marble coasters are just what I'm looking far and are as practical as they are pretty.

3. Most of my jewellery sits on top of my bookshelf either in boxes or hung up on my necklace holder; so it would be nice to have someplace safe to put my more delicate pieces.

4. This is far from a necessity but I would really like to incorporate this tray somewhere in my room. I'm thinking on top of my desk, holder office supplies, or maybe on my dresser displaying my perfume. Let me know what you think would be a good use for this tray. I also like how lite and airy the acrylic looks. Which reminds me I need to look into some acrylic drawers for my makeup. I see those all over insta and  I think it would be handy to hold my every products.

5. I also really want to start incorporating more personal photos in my room. We have a bunch a picture frames around our house but I think it would be really nice to have a few in my room and I love everything about this Kate Spade frame; well except for the price. 

6. Again this mug is not a necessity, but then again neither is any of this stuff. That being said I think this little mug would be really cute on top of my desk holding pens or maybe even holding some of my makeup brushes. Let me know what you think. My true indecisive nature is peaking through. 

7.  I've been searching for the perfect round mirror to place over my tall dresser for what feels like forever now. I've also been extraordinarily picky when it comes to it, but I think I finally found what I'm looking for. Fist and foremost the mirror has to be round, I like the juxtaposition to the stripes on my wall. It has to be silver, to again play of the stripes and finally it has to be the right size for the wall. This mirror ticks all my boxes and it also happens to be in my budget.

8. I absolutely adore candles and most of mine come from Bath and Body Works. I find that they have the best selection of scents and that they burn really well. That being said I think it would nice to have a few decorative candles around my room that actually smell nice without me having to actually light them. This one is from Chapters Indigo, which I know for a fact that they have some amazing scented candles.

9. Finally I've been wanting a light up vanity mirror for as long as I can remember. I usually do my makeup in my bathroom facing the large wall mirror as well as holding a small magnified hand mirror. It would be nice to primp and get ready in my own room where the majority of my makeup resides. 

And that completes my room decor wish list. Let me know what you think of the items I mentioned and don't forget to check out my previous room makeover to see before and after pics of my room. Finally if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe to xo.Janiecy.xo via Bloglovin for more content and blog posts by moi.