How I Edit my Instagram Pics

Friday, April 10, 2015


Today I wanted to share a sneak peak into my iphone photo studio and share exactly how I edit my pics before I post them on the 'gram. I've come to really enjoy these type of posts. I know it's sort of cheesy but I honestly believe that a person's Instagram is a reflection of them. Instgram has become one of the most influential social media tools for a blogger. It not only helps get you and your content out there, but it also connects you to so many other bloggers that you might not have found otherwise; and to this day I continue to find new blogs to read. I also find it really interesting what apps people chose to use and whether or not they chose to use a theme, but more on that later.

I've provided a few of my most recent insta pics for reference during this post, though you can view my recent pics anytime by scrolling down to the bottom of my blog. I have a gadget installed to display them. Anyway, as you can probably tell, I like my photos to be as colourful and bright as possible. I like how striking it looks as you scroll through my feed. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let me just say that I personally prefer to take all of my pictures using my camera app, I'm not sure if it's just me but I find that whenever I use the camera function in Insta it lags quite a bit, causing my images to come out blurry; so I like to avoid the function all together. In the camera app I also like to take all my pics on the square setting so that they already fit perfectly into Instagram and I can avoid any unnecessary cropping.  

Alright back to the actual photos. As I mentioned briefly I like for all my photos to look as bright and colourful as possible, this is what us Instagram fanatics call a theme; for this I use a combination of two apps. First, after I am satisfied with my snap I'll open the image in VSCOcam and begin editing in there. I like to start off by adjusting the exposure and the contrast, which will make the photo appear brighter and the colours more striking. Sometimes I'll leave it at that but occasionally I'll proceed one step further and add a slight filter to the photo. My go to filter is F2 as I find that it also helps in making the photo appear more vibrate. That being said, I seldom take my filter above the half way mark. After I have finished editing I then save my image to my camera roll.

In addition to having bright and colourful photos I also like for them to have a bright white background, so not only will I take my photos on a white background, say a fluffy white blanket or a white table top, but I'll also go into this second app Facetune and edit the background. You've probably all heard of facetune for it's main feature, airbrushing and smoothing the appearance of one's face, but the app has additional features as well. In this app I like the use the whitening feature and whiten the background of my images so that it looks brighter and the focal point is more vibrate and clear. You can provide as many whitening layers as you'd like but I tend not to erase the overall texture of whatever background I may have. I think it adds interest to my feed. Once I am done editing in here I will save the image to my camera roll and then upload it to Insta.

Those are the two apps that I use to edit my instagram photos, but not for nothing I thought I would share a look into my actual photo editing folder. I have a second page to this folder but tend to stick with the apps on the first one.

Square Ready, this is really good app to use if you like to have the white boarders and make your bigger photos fit nicely into Insta.

Afterlight, this also a good, unfortunately it costs money, but it has a lot of good filters and editing functions.

VSCOcam, this one is my favourite, I like all of the editing functions and it's really easy to use.

Facetune, this is another paid app but you can't beat the whitening option, I also find that the smoothing function is a lot easier to use and looks the most natural.

Characters, I use this app to add certain symbols to my captions.

Moldiv, this app is great for creating collages.

And that is how I edit my Instagram pics. Let me know if you are someone who has a set way of editing their pics and if you enjoy having an insta theme. Finally I thought I would conclude this post by sharing a few of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow. Feel free to leave some of yours down below and don't forget to follow me on instagram @Janiecyxo to see more of my pics.

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