Wish List | The Spending Ban

Monday, March 02, 2015

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Why is it that as soon as you embark on a spending ban, in the hopes of saving a few bucks, your wish list suddenly grows immensely. This is what happened (or is currently happening) to me once I decided to get serious with my spending ban; but allow me to elaborate.

I've been wanting to invest in a new camera for a while now. Since I started my blog, almost two years ago, I've been using my mom's old canon powershot sx120, a decent point an shoot for it's time but it is pretty outdated now. So much so that it still runs on aa batteries. Yeah, I think you get the picture, so I bore you with specifics. Over the course of a few months I've been hearing all about this Canon point and shoot and I thought it would be the perfect upgrade for me and my blog. I'm no photographer, so shelling out large amounts of my hard earned cash on a big professional grade camera just doesn't make sense at the moment. Now although this camera doesn't have a dslr price tag it still has a pretty hefty one if it's own. Retailing at about $700 this is where my spending ban stems from.

I'm hoping to successfully continue my spending ban into March and be able to purchase the camera sometime before Easter, but like I said the longer my spending ban goes on the longer my wish list gets. For fun I thought I would share a few beauty products that made their way on to my list. First up is the Bobbie Brown foundation stick. I was hoping to try my hand at contouring and a little birdy told me that cream contours are the easiest and most natural way to go. In addition to contouring I would also like to get in on the liquid lipstick hype that's been surrounding the beauty community for months and this dolce colour by Stila looks like the perfect shade for spring. Now wherever there is liquid lipstick a good lip balm is needed. This lip treatment by Bite Beauty has been raved amount over and over again and I grow more and more intrigued by it. Finally these polishes don't exactly scream spring but I've been really into brown and nude nails and I don't own any polish like these two. They're both from OPI's Nordic collection, which if I am not mistaken came out this past fall. The first colour is how great is your dane? and second is my way or Norway.

Well that's what is on my current wishlist, let me know what is on yours. Also let me know if you have ever embarked on a spending ban of your own and if you find it worthwhile. Oh and before I forget I recently got a snapchat, so if any of you partake add me up, my user name is @janiecyxo.