TAG | Lip Product Addict

Friday, March 06, 2015

Hey guys, it's been some time since I last did a tag here on my site, so I thought I would change that today. I had a good sort through of potential tags but I settled on the lip product addict tag. As a self proclaimed lip junkie, one who is still going strong on their promises not to buy anymore glosses may I add, I thought this would be the perfect one to break back into the swing of things. So without further ado here are the questions.

Favourite Balm or Treatment? My favourite lip balm will most likely have to be Vaseline. I have yet to try anything that is as effective as that. I mostly apply it at night when I'm getting ready for bed, but since often times it comes in a pot I don't really lean towards it during the day. Instead I prefer my Nivea Hydro Care balm, which comes in a convenient and hygienic twist-up tube.

Best Eye-Catching Red? I'm not a huge fan of red lips on me, but that is mostly due to the fact that I have yet to find one that completly flatters my complexion. One red lipstick that I do own that I think comes the closest to flattering me in my Buxom Big Healthy Lip Stick in the shade Tokyo. I also like that it comes in the shape of a lip pencil which means I don't have to buy one separately.

Favourite Drugstore Lippie? I love drugstore lip products the brands that I think have the best lip products are Revlon and Maybelline, though I do have a few good lipsticks by L'Oreal but I still prefer Revlon and Maybelline. If NYX products where easier to find here and Canada you can surely bet that I would include them as well. Back on topic on now. My favourite drugstore lipstick is hands down my mauvy night lipstick from Revlon. I had to go to two different stores to find this lipstick while it was on sale during the fall. It's a beautiful and creamy pink tone mauve. It was my go to lipstick for most of the fall.

Favourite MAC Lipstick? My favourite mac lipstick is still that first one I ever bought, viva glam v many moons ago. I love the colour, the formula, the way it just works with any makeup look and most importatly how it can transformed with any liner or gloss you pair it with.
Most Disappointing Lip Product? Most disappointing? I don't think I have a lip product that I'm disappointed in, I mean I guess that's a good thing but let me think; maybe the eos lip balms. I never quite felt like that moisturized my lips enough, but even so I always enjoyed them, but the more I think about it I think that was mostly due to the scent, and the packaging. 

Liner -Yay or Nay? Yay, I'm a big believer in liner, even before the Kylie Jenner lip craze that swept through the beauty community. Lip linears can really extend the life of your lip colour and as we all know can really enhance the shape of your pout; so long as it's done right.

Best Gloss? Revlon has the best lip glosses, I'm rarely disappointed with them. Oh and although they can be really sticky at times I'm a big fan of MAC lip glasses. I own quite a few of them.

Something Extra? I'm going to go ahead and include a lip product that I really want to try. I really want to get on board the liquid lipstick train. Currently I have my eyes on the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Dolce and Too Faced Melted Chihuahua.

Best Luxury Product? Does MAC count? Besides from their lipstick I haven't really ventured out to many other luxury brands. I heard Tom Ford has amazing lipsticks and Marc Jacobs recently revamped their formula, that being said I have no interest in splurging on any of those just yet.

Well that's it for my tag, I forgot how fun these are to do oh and I always knew I was a lip junkie but I think this proves it. I here by tag anyone who is interested in doing this tag. Don't forget to leave a nice message letting my know what you think of this tag and if you yourself are interested in doing it to.