First Impressions | UD Perversion Mascara

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Okay, remember last month when I review the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette and I gave my overall opinions on the entire travel set minus the mascara. At the time of that review I had yet to try the mini mascara that was a part of the set due to the fact that I didn't want to open another mascara since I was currently using two. Well today I'm here with what you could call part two of that review, which is dedicated solely to their Perversion Mascara.  Truthfully this is more of a first impressions post, than a full in depth review since I've only used it a handful of times, but not to worry because after the first or second application I can already tell if I like a mascara or not. Before I get on with it make sure you check out my review of the On The Run palette, here.

If you've been a long time reader on here you'll know that I usually stick to L'Oreal mascaras and L'Oreal mascaras alone. I've been known to branch out every now and again but I always go back to L'Oreal and in that same sense I compare everything else to my beloved miss manga waterproof mascara. I'm telling you that now so that you know where my head it at. The wand for this mascara just so happens to be made out of the same type of bristles as the miss manga, but it isn't nearly as tapered. I've mentioned in the past how I prefere mascara with synthetic bristles as opposed to plastic because I feel that they grab on to my lashes and are able to coat them each indiviudally. That being said, the narrow tip was surly missed on this wand because I found I wasn't able to get the lashes in my inner corner.

In terms of formula it is almost an exact match to the miss manga mascara. Both are on the drier side, which is good because I don't like waiting an extensive amount of time between each application. One thing that I did notice almost immediately after I opened to the perversion mascara is it's odd scent. I know it is common for mascara to have an odd scent to them; it's a way to tell when they're past their prime, if the scent has changed then it's time to throw it away. Though this one is far more noticeable than any other, now this isn't a determinant by any means, it's just something that I noticed right off the bat.

All in all I truly like this mascara, which I guess is most likely due to the similarities it shares with my holy grail L'Oreal mascara. I think Urban Decay did a good job with creating this mascara, I think they need to do something about that god awful scent but a good job indeed. Now If I could just get my hands on their subversion lash primer, 'cause I don't know there is just something intriguing about a primer for your lashes. As always let me what you think and if you've tried this mascara what are your thoughts on it?