Soft & Flirty Valentines Day Makeup

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I was debating whether or not to do a Valentines inspired look, considering I actually plan on spending the day at home with my one true love, food. That being said I really want to stick to my resolution to do more face of the posts. These posts can be tricky for me since I'm no professional nor do I own any high tech equipment to shoot with. I am just your typical makeup addict who loves to play around with makeup. So with VDay right around the corner I really wanted to bust out my chocolate bar palette and create a soft and flirty eye that could be transitioned from day to night.

For this look I did start off by doing my eyes first so that I wouldn't have to worry about the inevitable fall out but for the sake of this post and the mere fact that Ive been using the exact same base products for month, now with exception of a few products here and there. I thought I would just get that part out of way. On the back of my hand I combined a bit of my Hourglass primer with my Estee Lauder foundation and used my beauty blender to apply the mixture to my face. I'm still trying and testing the primer but I find that the best way to apply it is by mixing it together with my foundation, which is what I did. Next I moved on to my fit me concealer using my beauty blender to blend it in to my skin before setting it all with my MUFE HD setting powder. To complete my face I applied my Nars blush in sin to my cheeks and filled in my brows using a dark brown shadow.

After I primed my eyelids using my Too Faced shadow insurance, using my finger I applied a base of strawberry bon bon all over my lid before reaching for my Lorac pro palette and using the shade mauve as a transition colour in my crease. Heading back to the chocolate bar palette I applied both black forest truffle and amaretto in my crease, alternating and blending in between. After I had erased the sign of any visible shadow lines I applied some more strawberry bon bon to my lid. To deepen the crease even more I used a small liner brush to apply the shade triple fudge tightly in my crease. Next I applied both amaretto and black forest truffle to my lower lash line before moving on to liner and mascara. On my lips I kept is really simple and just wore this pink grapefruit gloss from bath & body works.

And there we have my Valentines Day makeup. I believe I mentioned this in my review for this palette but if not I'll say it here. I have such a love hate relationship with this eyeshadow palette. I love the variety of colours and how smooth and blendable they are but I can't stand how they wear throughout the day. These shadows fade so quickly I don't understand. I mean I sort of used that to benefit in creating today's soft an flirty look but damn, I have no idea how to get these shadows to look more vibrate. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should do also let me know what you think of this makeup and if you have any special plans for VDay.