Products that are Worth the Hype

Monday, February 09, 2015

A few weeks ago Estee known to the masses as Essie Button, broke down ten beauty products, all with various amounts of credibility in the beauty world, and gave her opinion on which ones were worth the buzz. And that got me thinking, there are a lot of overly hyped beauty products out there and and it can be tough knowing which ones are truly worth while. Of course the whole trial and error process is one of the many reasons us beauty addicts love trying new products, but it can become a pretty pricey hobby. Which is why today I'm going to talk about a few products that I believe are more than worth they're share of hype. If you been reading my blog for a while, some of these products won't come as a surprise.

Bioderma, anyone who has tried this mythical makeup removing tonic water knows why it's so amazing, but for those of you haven't Bioderma is a fragrance free micellar solution that breaks down the most water proof makeup with a gentle touch. Bioderma is dermatologist approved to reduce the appearance of redness and even control Sebum  production.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, when it comes to concealer I honestly haven't tried too many and that is because I like to stick with what works and mac prolong wear works. If you're looking for a blendable light weight yet medium to full coverage concealer that comes in a copious amount of shades look no further.
Lorac Pro Palette, I've only had this palette for a few short months and it has already paid for itself. With it's array of neutral tones offered in both a matte and shimmer finish there are no limits to the looks you can create.

Beauty Blender Sponge, ah the cult favourite beauty blender, often imitated never duplicated with good reason. This miraculous beauty sponge has changed the makeup application game for me, I had no idea I could achieve such airbrush results until I tried this little sponge. It can seem quite expensive for a sponge but it's truly worth every penny in my opinion.

Estee Lauder Double Wear, I honestly can't say enough good things about this foundation. Last year when I was going through a bit of a rough patch with my skin I was in desperate need for a foundation that would provide me with coverage but that wasn't too heavy on my skin; and in walk estee lauder double wear and it hasn't walked out of my life yet. This foundation has a natural, semi matte finish with coverage that can buillt upon and with the help of my beauty blender I'm able to get the perfect application each and every time.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, I have tried both the regular (pictured above) and the oil controlling version of urban decay's setting spray and if I'm being honest I prefer the oil controlling one, at least for me. I have very oily skin and I just find that the original formula doesn't do much in that oil control department. Now that being said that doesn't change the way I feel about the product as a whole. I adore UD's setting spray and I will continue to repurchase them.

Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Facial Mask, I have never been someone who invest in high end skin care products until this face mask and I'm actually kicking myself for that. This mask not only calms my breakouts, helps them heal  much faster and makes more pores appear ridiculously smaller all with one weakly use. I'm kidding when I say that this product has taken my skin care routine to the next level.
The Body Shop Creamy Camomile Cleansing Oil, this past summer if there was one word I could not stop hearing in the beauty world it was 'cleansing balm' also referred to as cleansing oil. A cleansing oil is used to breakdown all particles of makeup, thus cleansing your face. This extra step dramatically speeds up the makeup removal process which is a good thing when you're feeling especially tired at night.

Well those are all of the products that I truly feel are worth the hype that surrounds them. Let me know if you've tried any of the products mentioned and what you think about them in the comments below. Also let me know what you think of the recent changes I've made to my site and if you haven't already feel free to follow via Bloglovin to stay up to date on all of my latest posts.