Closet Confidential | Sorel Carnival Snow Boots

Monday, February 02, 2015

 As much as I hate winter I have to admit that this year it's been a piece of cake. Yes, I know that winter isn't over and that you can't rush Spring, but compared to last year's record low temps it's safe to say that this winter was smooth sailing (even with the sudden snow storm we had in the GTA this week). I would just like to take this time to thank the new additions to my wardrobe for keeping me warm this winter.

I mentioned my parka in the fashion part of my three part hall of fame post, where I mentioned all the things I was loving in the past year, you can check out here. This post is actually about my snow boots. This Christmas I received a pair of Sorel snow boots, the exact same boots I had my eyes on the year before and was preparing to buy myself. So imagine my surprise when I found them under our tree. For weeks now I've been living in these shoes and I couldn't be more in love with them.

This particular style is called the Carnival snow boot and it comes in a variety of colours, I however have the grey pair. The carnival boots are both waterproof and insulated to ensure maximum warmth. I cannot even remember the last pair of actual snow boots I owned; over the years I have bounced back from different pairs of boots and more recently I gravitated to my chestnut Uggs to get me through the winter months but nothing was able to help me trek through snow while simultaneously keeping my feet warm quite like these bad boys. They're made to withstand temperatures of up to -35°C (-25°F), but if it's that cold out I'm not trying to be outside.

What do you guys think of these boots? I think it's safe to say I'm beyond obsessed with them; and even though I can't wait for spring and warm weather, I'm secretly happy that I have fresh snow to stomp around in. Also how do you guys feel about this new series of posts, where I focus on a particular item of clothing I've been loving, do you think I should do more?