2014 Hall Of Fame | Best of Beauty, Fashion & More Pt. 2

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

 Today I'm back with the second installment of my 2014 Hall of Fame series, where I share the best of the best, the most used, the holy grail status and my all time faves for the previous year. Again I didn't mean to turn this into a three part series but too include all of my favourites into one blog post would make for one ridiculously lengthy post. Before we get started on the fashion faves of 2014, catch up on all my beauty faves by reading part one. So without further ado here are my fashion favourites for 2014.


Spring Gladiator Sandals, after nabbing these sandal at a sick discount during the summer I put them into good use. Not only are these sandals made really well, unlike a few pairs I had my eyes on previously, they are also really comfy and I know that because I've spent a few summer days walking incredibly long distances in them.

Nike Roshe Runs, I was in need of a new pair of everyday shoes but I wanted function as well as style -okay scratch that. Yes I was in need for a new pair of sneakers and I initially wanted a new pair of sneakers that could be worn with just about everything but if I'm being honest I just really wanted to embrace the whole sporty-chic look that all my favourite fashion bloggers rock so effortlessly. So no judgement as I really do adore these shoes.

Coach Messenger Bag, as someone who owns a lot of messenger bags I never thought I would have a particular favourite. I mean I like them all the same and I put them to good use but their was something that drew me to use this bag more than the others. It might be due to the colour as I don't own many bags that aren't black, and this one does have a nice purple leather strip down the side, but truly gravitated to using this one throughout the entire year.
Zara Denim Jacket, this little denim number was definitely most used throughout the spring and summer as it was lite enough to carry around with me and yet warm enough for those chilly summer nights.

TNA Aspen Parka, speaking of chill lets talk about how much I love my new winter coat. I had my last coast for about seven years now, which should almost be illegal considering how old I was when I got it to how old I am now that I've discarded it, and not to mention the how badly it was torn. Anyway, this fall I purchase a new winter coat with the help of some birthday money and if you remember from one of my previous wishlist posts I've had my eye on this particular coat for over a year now. Thankfully I am now a proud owner of the Aspen Parka and although I got it pretty recently (almost too recently to be included here) it couldn't be at a better time now that the winter chilll is starting to set it.

Nike Sports Band, my final fashion favourite is less flare and more function as it's my Nike sports band. I've received this sports watch sometime during the summer as I like to partake in the occasional jog. Jogging is something that I started doing the previous year in an attempt to become more active and is something that I still quite enjoy. This watch has a little sensor that you place in the sole of you running shoes and it is used to measures your distance, pace and the duration of your run. The face of the watch is also a USB which you can remove and insert into your computer and upload all your recent data onto your online Nike profile.

That's it for part two, I hope you guys enjoying this mini series so far. Like I said it was never my intention to separate this post into three but it would have gotten ridiculously long. Anyway, let me know what some of your 2014 fashion faves are and stay tune for part three.  

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