December Favourites '14

Monday, December 29, 2014

Believe it or not, I'm actually really sad to see December come to an end; I mean it's the most magical month of the whole year,who wouldn't be sad to see it end. That being said it's time to welcome a new year, but before we do I want to share my final monthly favourites for 2014. I tried a few new products this month and I couldn't wait to share them all with you, so let's get on with it.

  • Lorac Pro Palette, I finally got my hands on the infamous Lorac Pro palette after years of pining. During my trip to the states last month I made buying this palette my sole mission; and I can happily say that so far it has been money well spent as I've been using it non-stop. I actually successfully created festive holiday smokey eye, which I share in my last fotd post. Rest assured, you can expect a full review very soon.

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Dual Eyeliners, while visiting the states last month I also picked up a holiday set of duel eyeliner's by Urban Decay's. I've always wanted to try out some of their liners so I'm glad I picked up the set. So far they have really lived up to their praise. My favourite ones are Perversion, a deep matte black perfect for smoking out the lower lash line, and Demolition, a dark brown that I reach for daily. You can read my full review here.

  • MAC Water Deities Lip Gloss, okay at risk of sounding like the huge gloss hoarder that I am. I purchased this lip gloss back in the summer from mac's alluring aquatic collection, but I have yet give it the full appreciation that it deserves. So here I am, many months later expressing my love for it. My go to lip combo for the month consisted of this gloss over my mac high-def lipstick. You can see it in action in my recent fotd post

  • Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes, the moment I laid eyes on this brush set I new I had to have. I was desperately in need for some new brushes and I'm so pleased with the quality of these. I have a full review of this set, which you can read here, but just know that I am full blown obsessed.

  • Music: Ariana Grande Santa Tell Me & Bruno Mars Up Town Funk, I'm not someone who is super into Christmas music, like if I had a choice I wouldn't willing listen to it, but one song that I've been jamming out to for the duration of the month is Ariana Grande' song Santa Tell Me. I'm a big time fan of Ariana, I've probably watched her music video twenty-five times this month. I also may have bought the exact same pj's she worn in the video, and by may I mean I most definitely did. Another music fave this month, which is not Christmas themed in the least, but I find it to be really funky and catchy and I can't help but dance along to it is Bruno Mars Up Town Funk. If you haven't heard this song I suggest you give it a listen because once you hear it will instantly make you want to get your groove on.

  • Food: Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin & Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea, my final favourite of the month goes to my celestial seasonings tea. This is my new obsession, their teas are all natural and cannot be found anywhere here in the GTA. So I picked up the pumpkin flavour when I was last in the states and I asked my cousin to bring me some more. Sadly he couldn't find all the flavours that I was hoping for but he did manage to find this one that tastes like actual sugar cookies. This one got a lot of mixed reviews and I can understand why but I actually really like it and would recommend it.

So that's it, my last monthly favourite for 2014. Let me know what your number one favourite product was for the entire year and also what you're looking forward to most in the new year.