October Favourites '14

Monday, November 03, 2014

Monthly favourites are back! You guys know that as much as I love to share my favourites, I occasionally skip over them when I don't have anything new to share. So sorry about that, I just didn't want to bore you by mentioning the same products over and over again. That being said, here are my monthly favourites for the month of October:

  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Downtown Brown, recently I kicked off the dark nail season with this polish by maybelline. I was unsure of what shade to go for when I was painting my nails, but I settled for this one as I found it to be a great transition for the upcoming season.

  • Revlon Lipstick in Mauvy Nights, earlier this month I was having a look at some of lipsticks at the drugstore and I walked away with this one when I saw that it was on sale. Its mauvy-pink shade that I new I would get a tone of wear out of this season; and so far I've been right.

  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Rosy Future, I picked this gloss up the same time I got the lipstick, as it too was marked down, I've been wearing layered on top and occasionally on it's own. I really like Revlon's lip products because they aren't sticky and they wear exceptionally well. This has been my go to lip combo as of late.

  • Vera Wang Princess Perfume, this is a fragrance I often break out during the autumn/ winter season. I love how warm and homey it smells, I also love that it's sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Here is my full review of the fragrance if you're curious about the notes.
  • Nike Roshe Runs Sneakers, for my birthday this year I treated myself to these bad boys and I've been wearing them everyday thus far. I kinda wish I had an interesting story of what drew me to this particular pair, I mean I knew I wanted a black so that they would go with everything, but in honesty I just really liked the look of them. There is something so sporty chic about them, and yes I hate that I just used the term 'sporty chic' in a serious manner.

  • Chanel Perfume Phone Case, is it weird that a phone case is my most favourite birthday gift this year? Okay one of my favourite gifts this year, I won't be too exclusive. Anyway, I've seen this particular case every where and I knew that once I upgraded my phone that this was the one I needed. What more can I say it's shaped like chanel's classic fragrance bottle and it's clear so you can see the back of my gold phone and it's just plain awesome okay.

  • Bath & Body Works Vanilla Chai Scented Candle, last month I stocked up on some fall scented candles and I've fallen head over heels in love with this one. I told myself that I wasn't going to do bakery scents this year, on account that they make me hungry, and I sort of stayed true to that. I mean sure this candle is sweet but it doesn't smell like baked goods or anything; I swear. 
  • Food: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, speaking of baked goods. I recently tried a new recipe for chocolate chip cookie with a pumpkin twist and now they have become my new obsession. Here's my full recipe post but beware these are devilishly good.

  • Music: Taylor Swift 1989, this should come as no surprise because everyone and their mother is going crazy over Taylor Swifts latest album and with good reason. Taylor has truly crossed over into super pop stardom. I love the overall sound of the album, she was supposedly influenced by '80s and '90s pop and you can really tell with the compilation of the songs. Okay before I enter into full music critic mode just know that this album slays.

  • Movies: Gone Girl, if you didn't see gone girl this month, and you're not waiting until you've read the book, there is something seriously wrong with you. Just kidding, but that movie was everything I hoped it would be. I mean I had my doubts with the casting (mostly Amazing Amy's) but the acting was stellar. Did I peak your interest? Here is the review I wrote of the book.
That's it for my October favourites, let me know what you've been loving lately in the comment section below