Updated Skin Care Routine

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today I want to share my updated skin care routine as my skin has improved drastically this past year. It's far from the flawless complexion I wish it was but I can truly say that I'm happy with it. Over the years I have struggled with my oily acne-prone skin as well as finding the right products to help. I have stand out favourites in my routine that have been with me for years as well as some new products that I wouldn't ever want to be without; so without further ado here is my updated skin care routine.

S T E P 1: M A K E U P  R E M O V A L
Makeup removal is an essential part of anyone's skin care routine. Failure to properly remove one's makeup at the end of the day results in congested pores and breakouts, which is why I stand by my creamy camomile cleansing oil from the body shop to breakdown and dissolve all my makeup. I then follow that up with one of my pond's moist cleansing towelette to remove the mess from my face. On the days when I'm not wearing a full face of makeup but I have some brows or waterproof mascara to remove I use my bioderma micellaire solutions, which works like a dream.

S T E P 2: T H E  G R E A T  C L E A N S E
 After I have removed all of my makeup I have ready to give my skin a deep clean. You're probably wondering how I plan on doing that without the use of one of those fancy high price motorized cleansing brushes, but trust me you can get just as deep of a clean with out one. I start by taking a warm damp wash cloth and place it over my skin to open my pores to allow for my cetaphil for sensitive skin face wash to really sink in and clean out my pores. On non-makeup days I regular wash is all that is needed. In addition I also like to exfoliate my skin once or twice a week with my st. ives apricot facial scrub.

S T E P 3: M O I S T U R I Z E
Which moisturizer I use all depends on what time of day it is. In the morning I like to use my aveeno clear complexion moisturizer as it sinks in to my skin extremely well and leaves me with a good base to apply makeup. In the evening I like to go for something a bit more hydrating as I recently learned that sometimes oily skin needs to embrace hydration to help prevent excess oil from forming; which is why I like to use my palmer's cocoa butter at night so that the my skin can soak in truly benefit from all that extra moister. I also particularly like that both the aveeno and the palmer's cocoa butter are both formulated to help fade the appearance of dark marks and acne scars.    

S T E P 4: T R E A T M E N T    
On days when my skin is feeling extra congested I like to use my origins clear improvements active charcoal mask to pull out and dislodge any debris from my skin. This is a new addition to my routine as I've only been using it for about a month now (stay tune for a full review coming soon), but I can honestly say that I'm really impressed with it and I can already see a difference in the size of my pores. Another treatment that I have been obsessed with has been using tea tree oil as an all over spot treatment, I picked mine up from the local drugstore. Tea tree oil  has become my holy grail skin care product and I can't remember what I used as a spot treatment before it came into my life. It has also opened my eyes to other products that also use the essential oil.

Well that's it for my updated skin care routine, let me know what you think of my routine and what you holy grail skin products are.

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