21st Birthday Wishlist

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today is the first of October, the count down to my birthday is on. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that in one week I will 21 years-old. I mean it does not feel like an entire year since I turned twenty; but the calender doesn't lie and it weeks time I will be celebrating  a milestone. Wait, am I the only that thinks that turning 20 and 21 are equally big milestones? When you turn 20 it's a big deal because you are no longer in the teens. When you turn 21 you become a full fledged adult that is legally allowed to drink in the states, which is sort of a big deal, despite the legal drinking age being nineteen in Canada. Anyway, leave me a comment letting me know what is considered a milestone birthday where you're from. Back to the point of today's post.

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Since my birthday is coming up I thought I create a birthday wishlist. I've stated to warm up to the idea of creating wishlists for holidays and birthdays, if you remember from last year post I was unsure about the superficial aspect of it all. That being said I do not expect to receive anything from this post as gifts nor will I be upset on the matter. Much like last years wishlist I'll most likely purchase this stuff for myself over time, so in turn it's more like a personal shopping list with a smidgen of a gift guide. So onto the wishlist.

These shoes have become wildly popular again over the past few months and it's kind of in line with the whole practical shoe trend that has taken off this past spring. These skate style shoes were really popular when I was younger but I'll be the first to say that I thought they were the ugliest thing but I've had a change in heart. I particularly like this pair from Steve Madden as they have an interesting texture that I feel adds a bit more to the traditional pair. Next if you aren't following my on twitter and instagram you may not know that I recently got a new phone. Yeah I finally bid farewell to my old crappy blackberry and got myself a real functioning smartphone. I got the IPhone 5S in champagne gold, which I think would especially lovely in this clear Chanel phone case. I love how this case is inspired by Chanel's perfume bottles and how you can see the colour of your phone through the case. I personally think that books are one of the best gifts to give and this one by E. Lockhart has been on my list for some time now.

I have another shoe pick as I've been trying to find the perfect pair of sneaker that I can just throw on with whatever and head out the door. I've been debating about these ones and the black Nike Frees but I honestly think that these Roshe Runs are cooler and more sporty; which evidently are two things that I am not. Moving on I think that gift cards make really good gifts because it allows for the person to pick out pieces that fit their style; it also takes that guess work out of trying to find the perfect gift. Some gift card options that you can't go wrong with include mac, sephora, h&m and lush.

This past Christmas I received a rollerball of the Chloe fragrance and I fell in love with it. I seriously wore that scent everyday since I got it and it's now on it's last leg, which is really said because it was my go to fragrance. That being said I'm hoping that a replacement bottle is in the cards. Finally these two mac brushes, the 224 and the 217, have been on my mind for sometime and despite their hefty price tag I would really like to add them to my collection. I find it really hard to find good blending brushes in the drugstore and ordering online isn't always an option for me. Which is why I'd like to invest in these bad boys so that I can take my makeup to the next level. 

That's it for 21st Birthday Wishlist. I think I hit an array of different price pints, that being said I know I'll be the one that ends up purchasing the majority of these products for myself and like I said before I'm a-okay with that.


  1. Lovely wishlist :) I really want to try chloe perfume!

    Hayley x


    1. Thank you. That fragrance is amazing.

      xo, Janiecy