21st Birthday + OOTN

Friday, October 10, 2014

This past Wednesday I celebrated my 21st Birthday. The day started off  pretty casual as I spent it relaxing and catching up with family and friends who called to share some bday love. I also spent a good chunk of my day waiting for the postwomen as my Dad insisted that he timed the delivery of my gift so that it would arrive right on my birthday; which to my surprise it did. Snail mail isn't the most accurate and timely method but I believe it has improved over the years, plus I appreciate the gesture so much because it shows that he took the time do scheduled it's arrival.

The plan for the evening was to all head out to my favourite restaurant for my dinner but sadly we weren't able to make it there due to the fact that my parent got home later than expected from their trip and the location of the restaurant is in the opposite direction of which they came. Meaning that they would have to head one way, toward home, to change and pick my brother and I up and than head back in the direction they came from for dinner and than turn around and drive home once again. So yeah that would have been way to much driving and I get that but I still couldn't help but feel disappointed. I mean would be to if you only get to eat at your favourite restaurant once a year.

Though maybe I wouldn't have been so gutted if I actually enjoyed the food at the substitute restaurant but sadly it was horrible. We ended up going to Milestone, which is one of the more upscale chain establishments here, but I did not enjoy my meal whatsoever. Which is why there are no photos of dinner in this post, except for the complementary birthday dessert but more on that in a second. Aside from my entree, a mushroom cream cover chicken breast with a side of mash potatoes and grilled veggies, the rest of my meal was was horrendous. For an appetizer we ordered crispy calamari and crab cakes. The calamari was soggy and the crab cakes lacked seasoning, While my dessert, a chocolate pecan tart was completely unimaginative and was just not what I was looking for. One good thing I can say is that my strawberry watermelon Mojito was both incredibly tasty and refreshing. As much as I would have liked to write a completely positive birthday post today I just could bring myself to. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and look forward to what's in store for me this year. If you are interested in what reflections I have on the previous year as well as a list of goals I'm interested in achieving this year, check out Wednesday's blog post. Now on to the outfit of the night.

This outfit is a new mix of dressy and causal which I think was great for the overall vibe for the restaurant. I also love that I got to wear my new brown pumps that I got earlier last month. That being said I wish I was able to get my hands on some padding for the ball of my foot as it is severely lacking any. Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Top & Bottom: Bluenotes // Jacket: Winners // Shoes: Sears // Watch: Guess // Bag: Coach

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