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Monday, September 22, 2014

Okay I know I always seem to start my weekend lifestyle post with an apology, but I am truly sorry that these posts aren't as frequent as I'd like them to be. I honestly don't get up to much of the weekend so when something exciting happens or if I did something interesting I usually like to write about it. Which is why today I'd like to share a brief summary of my weekend.

Over the last couple of weeks I notice a pattern in my work scheduling, where more times then not, I end up having Friday and Saturday off; which is completely fine by me I like having those days to myself, it allows me to get a jump on my weekly errands and such. That being said Saturday was a pretty mundane as I spent most of it cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. I even got to touching up those pesky errors and gaps I had when I first painted my room back in July; painter's tape can be so tricky. Here's the post I did on my bedroom makeover, there's some cool before and after shots. Oh and speaking of my room I'm in the process of redecorating. Nothing crazy or anything, I already took care of the big paint job, I'm talking new decorative pieces. In the past few weeks I've added a few silver elements to play off the silver stripes on my wall. Now if you're reading this and thinking "silver stripes? WTF?" I strongly recommended you check out that makeover post.

I also made an impromptu trip the bath and body works as they were having a huge fall fragrance sale. So me being me I obviously had to take the opportunity to stock up on some new scented candles, I mean it would be wasteful if I didn't use my one day only 40% off coupon, am I right ladies? Anyway, I finished off my Saturday night but taking it easy and enjoying a nice relaxing bubble bath. I know what you're thinking, and yes I am the life of the party, but hey I had an eight hour shift to look forward to in the morning.

Now onto the exciting bit of the weekend, which evidently took place on the Friday. This past Friday The movie I've been waiting for ever since I heard who would play the lead all the way back in last May or June or whatever and even more since I read the saga this summer. Why yes I am talking about The Maze Runner finally opening in theaters. Not sure why I incorporated that long winded sentence just so that I could say that I've been waiting a long time see my boo Dylan O'Brien star in this kick ass film. If you couldn't tell I'm just a little excited. Anyway I don't want to talk to much about the film because I think you should all see it because the movie truly blew me away. It stay true to the book, the actors were phenomenal, the set was exactly what I pictured when I was reading and it is all due to the incredible first time director Wes Ball. He nailed it, there is honestly nothing else I can say other than I was amazed, in fact I still am. Seriously, the movie was jammed packed with up and coming actors alongside a young director and it surpassed all exceptions. I'm honestly so happy right now, I have a huge ridiculous grin on my face; it's amazing what a great script can do.

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