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Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm back again with another book review, this one is the last of my summer reads and I wish I could say that we're going out with a bang. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, so sadly this review wont be as exciting as my usual ones. Sorry to disappoint but feel free to check out any of my previous reviews for a good book recommendation.

Today's review is of Graeme Simsion's novel The Rosie Project. A charming story of two people with nothing in common finding each other at precisely the right moment in time. Don Tillman, an odd ball genetics professor, has always lived life on the logical side; from planning out his daily meals to calculating his routes through the city down to the second. Don has always thought rationally, so when he decides that he is ready to settle down and marry he of course go's about it in the most scientific way imaginable. In the evidence based manner as to which he is accustomed Don creates The Wife Project an extensive sixteen-page questionnaire designed to find him the perfect partner and avoid any possible dating disasters. Don believes his project is the way to the perfect mate but all things change when Rosie Jarman enters his office.

Rosie has a project of her own, she is searching for her biological father and seeks Don's help in sorting out her family genes. After an interesting meeting, Don puts his wife project on hold and helps Rosie with their new shared project, which is appropriately titled The Father Project. As Don and Rosie spend more time together an unusual relationship forms as Don learns that love isn't science or logic based, it is illogical at best.

Again I wasn't wowed by this book, it had moments that were both comical and enjoyable but I wasn't completely invested in the story. I most likely wouldn't recommend this book to any one I know but then again they would probably find it just as charming as I did and maybe even enjoy it more. Let me know if you've read this book and how you liked it, and feel free to share any book recommendations you may have.

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