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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I've been reading a ton this past month; which is what happens every time I fall in love with a new book series. I start the first book, get lost in the story end up finishing it in like 2-3 days then rush to start the next one so that I can continue the adventure. The next thing I know it's been a week and half and I've finished the serise and I'm left wondering why on earth I read so fast because now the fun is over and I'm stuck in some sort of post book depression. Okay so maybe that's just me, but that's the exact thing that happened with this saga.

What saga? Why, James Dashner's The Maze Runner of course. Now please know that I use term saga very light here, what I would call this series is a trilogy with a prequel, because that's exactly what it is, but I'll get to that. Anyway chances are that you probably heard of about this series because it's another wildly popular dystopian-esq young adult novel; and again you're probably all familiar with the genre, but for those who don't know, a dystopian novel is one that is set in a corrupt or post apocalyptic society, were they're main issues are either poverty, oppression, some kind of apocalyptic event or a combination of the three. One popular dystopian novel that we're all familiar with is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Alright now that we have a brief overview of what exactly a dystopian novel is and that we have established that The Maze Runner is one of them, it is now time to get into what the series is actually about. The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas who wakes up in a caged elevator and doesn't remember a single thing about where he is or his life, the only thing he does remember is that his name. Once out of the elevator Thomas is faced with a large crowd of boys, all around the same age as him, welcoming him to The Glade, a enclosed field surrounded by the giant stonewalls of The Maze. Here the inhabitants (they referrer to themselves as Gladers) sleep, eat, work and essentially survive. Life in the the glade isn't perfect by any means, however the gladers have developed their own miniature society, complete with a set of governed rules, too keep things working well and more importantly keep everyone alive for another day. Everyday each glader has his own civic duty, whether that is building new structures or farming, one of those civic duties is a runner of the maze. The runners of the maze are a team of gladers who enter the maze each day in search of a way out. Of course that all sounds way to easy, so your obviously thinking there has to be more, and you would be right. Not only is the maze constantly changing and shifting daily, but it shuts completly at night, meaning that the runners must make it it back to the glade in time or face spending the night in the maze. The maze just so happens to be home to the most horrendous creatures known as Grievers.

 Soon after Thomas's arrival the gladers receive another new member but this time its a young girl named Teressa who deliverers a terrifying message to Thomas and the other gladers. Now with the stakes higher than they ever been and with nothing to lose the gladers are even more determined to solve the maze and find a way out; but with everything that has happen can they trust Teressa and her cryptic message? Will they ever make it out of the maze, alive? Can they find the answers they all strive for?

Dun Dun DUN! This series was as action packed as ever, when I finished reading the trilogy I was honestly exhausted from all the excitement. The story has a really cool mystery aspect to it, which is established right from the beginning as you find yourself going through the same learning process as Thomas, not knowing what's going on or where you are. I also enjoyed the development behind Thomas and Teressa's previous involvement with the creators of the maze as they slowly begin to uncover their memories and piece together their former life outside of the maze.

The author also does a great job at creating such likeable characters that you can't help but root for even the most abrasive glader to survive. Sadly the same could not be said about the fourth and final book which happens to be the prequel. I was incredibly disappointed in it as I found the entire story to be boring and I just couldn't connect with the new characters. In the end the story did come full circle and included some of the characters from the original series though I honestly believe it was a little to late because at that point I lot all interest and was just reading for the sake of being finihsed.

So to summarize an incredibly lengthy review, The Maze Runner trilogy, yes, the Prequel, no. I honestly wouldn't feel right recommending the prequel to someone seeing as how I just didn't enjoy it, but the trilogy is amazing and not only would I recommend it, I would read it again.
Oh and guess what The Maze Runner is also hitting the big screen this fall, staring my bae Dylan O'Brien. fall. Precisely 57 days from now, you know if you want to be exact, not that I'm counting or anything.

Looks cool right? I can't wait to see how the director brings the story to life. I also can't to support my boy Dylan O'Brien in his big motion picture debut, he plays my favourite character on Teen Wolf and he was great in The Internship so I just know that he'll be the perfect lead; plus he isn't bad on the eyes either.   

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