Nail Polish Clear Out

Monday, July 28, 2014

This weekend I finally got around to the tedious task of organizing and clearing out my nail polish collection. I've been complaining about my collection for a while now, saying that I'm tired of my selection and all the shades have started to look the same to me, so what better time to be proactive and have a good rummage through my collection and toss the polishes that have sat unloved for quite some time and that I know I wont reach for in the future. What really set the ball moving for this activity was one of my favourite blogger/vlogger, Allison Anderson, recently purged her lipgloss and lipstick collection so with the inspiration hot in my mind and the determination on my face I started my very own.

My overall mission was to cut my collection half. Seeing as it isn't the worlds biggest nail polish collection nor is it the smallest I just wanted to have an manageable amount that consisted of the shades that I personally like and use.  

I began by taking a good solid look at my overall nail polish collection, I store mine in the bottom section of this plastic drawer cart, as shown in the top photo. Lucky for me my collection was still some what organized from the last time I attempted to down size. I put all the nail polishes I didn't like in the back which means that this time around those three back rows of polishes were all headed to the trash. Checkout that sizable toss pile in the second photo. Next I took out the obvious favourites and put them aside. Then I grouped all the remaining polishes into colour categories so that I can sort through them with more detail. 

Once I had grouped all the remain polishes in their colour families I began to sort and compare them with each other. I asked myself some basic questions to decide which polish to keep and which to get rid of. Is this polish too old? Do I have something similar? Which one do I wear more? Do I even like this colour/finish anymore? The last question always had me stumped because the majority of the polishes I own are by Sally Hanson and have been acquired years ago, back when the majority of her polishes were sheer washes of colour, that needed three strong coats to become opaque. Which now that I think about it isn't what I look for at all with the nail polishes I gravitate to. I'm someone who prefers a good cream polish to a satin one, so that is definitely something I'm going to keep in mind going forward when I look to replenish my collection; that way I don't end up with a bunch of polishes that all look or apply the same.

A little while later I was finally done and happy with the results. Not only was I able to cut my collection in half, which was my main goal, I now know what type of polishes are missing from my collection. I definitely plan on adding to my collection over the next year or so but as I add a new polish I will make sure that it fits and if it happens to be a replacement polish I'll be sure that the polish it is replacing is headed to the trash, that way I don't have a collection that is bursting from the seams.

As for the polish in my trash pile I will try to find them a new home, whether that be with friends or family, I may even donate a few bottles that haven't been used more than once or twice; believe me when I say that there are quite a bit that have been used that little over the years.

Well that was refreshing, not just for my collection but for me as well, I always felt a little organizing on the weekend to be the perfect thing relax my busy mind. I mean what a way to start your week. what did you get up to  this weekend? Do you have any organizational or purge projects lined up in the near future?

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