Fancy Fragrances | Top Three Summer Fragrances

Friday, July 25, 2014

 After posting my go to summer lip products the other day I thought I would share my top three fragrances of the summer. I'm a big time perfume lover, I get it my from my mom; If I'm a perfume lover she's a perfume hoarder. Seriously she has some dating back to before I was born. I believe my collection first took off when I was in elementary school and I would collect the little sample bottles from the department stores, but the first actual bottle to make it onto my dresser was Escada's Pacific Paradise; a gift from my mom the last time we visited New York City (which was almost seven years ago. I need another trip asap). Although I never reach for that perfume anymore, as my preferences has changed dramatically over the years, I still enjoy seeing the bright blue and pink bottle sitting on my dresser as it takes me right back to that trip.

Speaking of fragrance preferences, the type of scents I gravitate to during the warmer months are usually the fruity and floral scents with an occasional musky undertone; which couldn't be more true with these three fragrances. The first one isn't a perfume it's a body spray. I always lean towards a good body spray during the summer as it is lite to wear and isn't over powering when it's already hot humid out. It's also easy to carry around with you in a beach or pool bag. The one I have here is by Bath & Body Works and is called Into The Wild, which used to be part of the permanent line but I don't think it's available anymore. Anyway Into The Wild is a blend of Mandarin Orange, Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Jasmin, with a base scent of Musk and Woodsy notes; which I think is just a funny way of saying that the fragrance is supposed to make you feel as if you just stepped into a tropical jungle retreat, hence the name.

The next two fragrances have both been mentioned here on my site as well as been compared as they have a similar scent; Victoria Secret Bombshell and Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!. Bombshell contains notes of Passion Fruit, Citrus and my two personal faves, Vanilla Orchid and Peony, while Oh, Lola! contains notes of Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, and shocker Peony. Since both fragrances have a top note of peony and vanilla it's quite easy to think they're the exact same scent, but they're not. Bombshell has a lot more fruity notes which makes it perfect for day time wear while Oh, Lola! is a lot more musky which is why I prefer to wear the scent in the evening.

Those are my top three summer fragrances and as you can see they each have their own special place in my collection. What are your favourite summer scents? How many perfumes do you own? What type of scents do you usual gravitate to?