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Monday, July 21, 2014

I don't know why it has taken me so long to do this post because I love sharing my current lip combinations and just whatever products I've been reaching for more often. I know for a fact that I mentioned a couple of these lip products before, if you've been keeping up with my blog since last summer you might remember that I shared a few posts on my go to spring and summer lip combos which is why some of these of products may seem familiar; plus I always like to have a good rummage through my collection and share products that I truly like.

Bright colours are especially popular during the summer time but as you can see I'm not really a fan. I mean I like a nice bold lip colour as much as the next person but for me my go to lip shade is a natural baby pink, sort of a 'is she wearing a colour or is that just a clear gloss?'. The reason why I mostly reach for a natural lip shade is because during the summer I barely wear any makeup and when I do I don't want it to be a hassle. So a lip product that I can apply at anytime, with any look without a fuss is essential for me. So here are my go to lip products for summer:

Nivea Hydro Care Lipbalm, this time last year I was all about the e.o.s hype but this past winter my lips got so dry and those egg shaped balms weren't doing jack and I needed relief so I went back to my trusted Nivea brand; they have such a vast variety and this one in particular is extra moisturizing which is why I carry one on me at all times.

Stila Lipglaze in Grapefruit, I have quite a few of these mini lipglazes by Stila and I honestly love them all but lately I've been reaching for this frosted baby pink one more than any other.

Tarte Lip Surgence in Elite & Sweet, Tarte's Sweet lip surgent is without a doubt one of my most favourite lip crayons that I own. The colour is so wearable and the formula is so nice that I don't think I could do without it in my life. That being said I know I said that the majority of these lip products would be of the light pink variety but my summer would not be complete without rocking a coral lip, which is where the Tarte lip surgent in Elite comes in to play. I've never been one to wear a bright orange lip but I do love me some coral. I especially like pairing this lip crayon with my NARS Taos blush.

MAC Lipgelee in LilacRush, I mentioned this lipgloss in my March favourites and I'm still obsessed with it. This lipgloss takes up permanent residence in my handbag and I wouldn't have it any other way. Its easy to apply while on the go and has just the right amount of tint in it to go over whatever lipstick you happen to be wearing or standout on it's own. Did I mention the scent? MAC lipglosses smell incredible which makes the inevitable reapplication worth it.
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint, again with the trend of hassle free lippies that also smell amazing is this mini bubble gum pink C.O. Bigelow lipgloss. I got this little mini gloss in a set of five and I'm absolutely crazy about all of them. This lipsgloss in particular is the most sheer out of all of the products mentioned above (minus the lip balm, because duh it's transparent) and I can honestly say I like it the most for not only being so cute and minture but I just find that whenever I'm in a hurry or if it is extremely hot out all I need is a bit of mascara and quick swipe of this gloss to get by.

That's all of my go to summer lip products, knowing me this list will probably change countless times over the remaining weeks of summer but hey I what else would you expect for a lipgloss addict.

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