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Friday, June 20, 2014

I don't think I've been this excited about posting a book review since I reviewed the Divergent Trilogy at the beginning of the year, but seriously you guys are in for a treat. Ah, I just love sharing new novels on here, I just hope you all enjoy these reviews as much as I enjoy writing them. Anyway, today's novel is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I first heard about this novel by one of my favourite youtuber/ blogger Allison Anderson, who talked non-stop about this book so much so that I added it on my own to read list. It quickly got bumped up to the top spot when on a visit with my cousin I noticed the novel siting on top of her bed side table and practically begged her to let me borrow it. Okay, so it wasn't so much as me begging, more along the lines of me declaring that I needed to read it; yeah that's how it went.

Gone Girl is a thriller/mystery, a genre that I don't usually look into much and for that I'm truly shaking my head for. Gone Girl is about a man named Nick and his wife Amy. Nick and Amy have had their share of hardships throughout their marriage but on the day of their five-year wedding anniversary everything changes when Amy goes missing and her husband Nick becomes suspect numero uno. One of things I love the most about this novel is that it's told in dual perspectives. Each chapter alternates between Nick and Amy as they both tell their side of the story. The basic narration is primarily in Nick's perspective, however the chapters told by Amy, which are in a diary format, allows for some incite into her thoughts leading up to her disappearance. The author also does a great job of creating suspense and suspicion as she writes Nick's thoughts so vague and calculated that you, the reader, are contemplating his innocence.
About half way through the book, I found myself bracing for the dramatic climax; and that's when I was hit with the biggest plot twist ever. It left me utterly stunned.. it was brilliant (snaps to you Gillian, you got me good).

The more I read the more eager I became to finish and see how the story played out; but with each chapter I was meet with twist after twist that made the novel more epic. Allison was spot on when she said she's never read a book more brilliant, because this book is legendary. Don't even get me started about those last couple of chapter, they are effed-up (for lack of better word, of course). I was hooked from the very beginning and the more you read the more twisted and sinister the story becomes and  you just can't help but become infatuated.

Gone Girl is also heading to the big screen later this year, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Check out the trailer.

Well, what do you think, looks intense right? Trust me when I say that this is one brilliant and twisted book that you need to add to your summer reading list. Don't forget to check out Allison's blog and feel free to tell her I sent you so I can fan girl.

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