Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Monday, May 19, 2014

I know I've been teasing this post for some time now and it's finally here. I've mentioned in my last two face of the day posts, Candied Violet & Creme Brulee, that I would be using the opportunity of creating those looks to really test out the different shadows in the palette. Now I'm no professional MUA I'm just someone who really likes playing around with their makeup; and I must say I had a lot of fun coming up with these two looks and although I have at least two more looks in mind I thought I would stop teasing you all and get on with the review. Again I'm really happy that I chose to go about this in the manner that I have, as I generally feel that I have developed a thorough understanding and opinion of the palette.

 Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is a neutral eyeshadow palette that is inspired by chocolate, so much so that not only are the shadow named after decedent desserts, like salted caramel and triple fudge, the entire palette is actually infused with the scent of cocoa powder; a nod to the brand's popular chocolate soleil bronzer. The palette is encased in a magnetized tin that is in the shape of an actual bar of chocolate; which is hands down one of my favourite things about this palette. Inside is home to 16 buttery soft shadows, that all range from browns to golds to pink to reds. The palette is also a good mix of matte, shimmer, and satin shadows which is something I personally look for in a good palette.The only down side to the packaging is that on the inside the names of the shadows aren't engraved under each pan and instead the palette comes with a transparent sleeve that when placed on top of the shadows has the names written over top.

Top: Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge
Middle: Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied Violet, Amaretto
Bottom: Hazelnut, Creme Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle

This palette has been on my wishlist for a while now as I saw it and instantly I knew I wanted it. Now it's not because I feel that I need every neutral eye palette that is launched, it because I don't actually own any. I've been coveting the Lorac Pro Palette for what feels like forever and I just can't seem to locate it her in Canada. I know I can purchase it online but it's just not the same as buying in store and swatching it in person. I thought the chocolate bar palette would be a great substitute as it has such a unique shade range and variety of finishes. I also really like how buttery soft and blendable the shadows are, and how pigmented and striking some of them look on my skin tone.

Now much like real chocolate when you have a bite every once and a while your sweet tooth is satisfied and your tummy is happy, but if you eat too much you are left feeling ill. This is very much how the palette left me feeling. Once applied the majority of the shadows go on so smooth and blend really well and everything is wonderful but over the course of the day they fade like no other. I'm serious, I'll apply my makeup at like 8am and by noon my entire eye look is completely faded and flat; oh and I'm using both an eyelid primer and a makeup setting spray, but nothing seems to be working at keeping my shadow looking fresh. I also find that some of the matte shades tend to fad the quickest, almost to the point of nonexistence, and they can even look at bit chalky at first application.

Time to ask the tough questions, overall do I like the palette? I do. Would I purchase it again? Probably not. Now it's not that the palette is no good, it's just that I would rather have spent my money on something else; possible one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes or even one from the Kat Von D Cosmetics line. You know something with real longevity and that I really see myself loving. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette can be found at Sephore for $49 CND. What do you think of this eyeshadow palette, do you think it's worth the money?


  1. such gorgeous colours and I'm loving the packaging! x

    1. Yeah the packaging is stunning but I wish the palette was more function and less flash.

      xo, Janiecy

  2. very wearable colors <3

    what do you think of my latest look?

  3. I love this post. This palette smells good too.