Mother's Day Gardening

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend all of Mother's day with my mom as I had to at work, but don't you worry because Saturday was our day; and by our day I mean a day that I spent with my mom. We started off the morning by doing our own thing, we both slept in, well kind of,  ate breakfast and got ready for the day. We weren't really sure what we would do that day but we knew for sure that we were going to go to the movies later that evening. I've waited an entire week to see Spider-Man and I couldn't wait any longer, so that was for sure happening.

Now Since it was my mom's day she obviously got to pick the activity and she wanted to garden. Now as much as I love lounging in the garden and looking out onto the beautiful flowers, I'm not one for digging in the dirt and unearthing all the bugs that live there. I am actually really surprised that my mom convinced me to get down and dirty but it was her day after all. I truly enjoyed picking out all the different plants. I wish I was able to take more photos at the nursery but not many plants were in bloom, so I  figured I would save you from looking at photos of boring green plants, you're welcome.

On our way home from the nursery we stopped at Starbucks for half-off their frappuccinos, then we headed home to tend to the garden. After all the flowers were planted and we ate dinner, we set out to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which was one word, ah-maz-ing! Okay, I understand why the movie received mixed reviews because those looking for an action packed film problem weren't all that satisfied with the fights scenes it had, but I believed that it was a really good at creating a transition into the next installment, in terms of the character development for both the hero and the villian. There is so many different directions the franchise can go and that actually really excites me as Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel comic. I truly believe that they have hit gold with the entire cast, I mean praise Andrew Garfield for he is as talented as he is handsome, and he is very handsome. Anyway I can go on and on about the film but I want to take this time to share my outfit with you all.

Recently I've become obsessed with white on white outfits, there's something so chic and effortless about it that I just love for the spring and summer. I can honestly say that this wont be the last white on white OOTD post that I share on here, I'm just so in love.

Jacket: Zara || Shirt: H&M || Skirt: Wet Seal (Old) || Shoes: Target || Watch: Guess || Bracelet: Pandora