April Favourites '14

Monday, April 28, 2014

Another month has come to an end, and I couldn't be happier because summer vacation is officially upon us; cue the wild applause. This month I was actually thinking of skipping this favourites post because I honestly didn't have much to share but I thought an honorary mention to the products I've been gravitating to the most over these past couple of weeks would suffice. So without further introduction here are my monthly favourites for April.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, ah my most exciting purchase of the month. Yes, I finally caved and bought the latest neutral shadow palette to hit the scene. At the moment I'm still playing around with it and trying out knew looks; so I'll save all my opinions for the inevitable review post, but just know that it is featured in my 'favourites' this month which is a hint on how I'm liking it thus far.  

  • M.A.C Viva Glam V Lipstick, as my first M.A.C lipstick purchase I will always have a special part of my heart dedicated to viva glam v. It is honestly the best sheer nude to complement my pink lips. It goes with any makeup look, which is why lately I've been reaching for it the most. Click here to enjoy a full review with swatches.

  • Revlon Lipgloss in Snow Pink, I still can't believe I have yet to pick up anymore of these glosses, I mean I know I have a copious amount of lipglosses but you would think I would at least purchase one more from the line seeing as how much I like it. Okay long story short, I've been wearing this gloss on top of my M.A.C lipstick for the duration of the month and I really like the way it looks as well as how easy it is to apply while on the go.

  • Bonne Bell Eyeliner in Midnight Bark, there isn't really much to say about this eyeliner. I picked it up on a whim as my mom told me it was the perfect match for her brows; now me being her daughter, and knowing how genetics works, we naturally have the same colour eyebrows; shocker right? Anyway I've been using this liner to create the appearance of bolder looking brows and adding a bit more definition during the time that I've been growing out my brows.

  • Chloe Rollerball Fragrance, I got this perfume for Christmas and I'm just as obsessed with it as the day I got it; which is a huge shock for me because I usually gravitate toward more floral scent during this time of the year, but I guess because the weather has been so back and forth lately I can kind of justify a warmer scent. I've also featured this perfume in a fancy fragrance post a while back, you can read it here.

  • The Edge of Never Novel by J.A. Redmerski, another month, another book fave. I don't think I can a month without reading at least one new book and that obviously means I can't go a month without featuring a new book in my monthly  favourites post. This month I read The Edge of Never and it was quite simply amaze-balls (do people still say that? Is that still a thing?). keep your eyes pealed for an upcoming book review were I will share a brief synopsis of the story.
  • Food: Spinach & Pretzels, okay this is probably my most randomest food favourite yet, but lately I just can't seem to get enough of spinach and pretzels, well not together or at the same time or anything, let me explain. In an attempt to eat more healthy, as summer is fast approaching, I've been adding the sailor friendly green to a lot of my meals. In the morning I'll have either a spinach omelettes or fruit smoothie with spinach. I've also been eating a lot of spinach salads for lunch and dinner. In addition to going spinach crazy this month I have also been trying to cut down on my snacking and avoid stuffing my face with salty chips. So in attempt to do just that I have substituted a bag of the salty stuff with a handful of crunchy pretzels. I know it's not the healthiest of switches, but you'd be surprised at how little your actually eating as your salt craving are curbed instantly by it.

Well, those are all of my favourites for the month of April. I told you I didn't have much. I'm still surprised I didn't have any movies or tv shows to share. As always leave a comment telling me what you've been loving this month.