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Monday, March 24, 2014

I've been thinking about incorporating more lifestyle/ day in the life type posts here on my blog, because one of my favorite bloggers, Suzie, posts weekly snipites from her weekends and they're always my favorite posts to read. I just find them so enjoyable and its fun to see what your favorite bloggers get up to from time to time. Now although I love reading those type of posts the reason why I've never done one myself is because I usually spend the entire weekend working, whether I'm at work or doing school work, I don't always get up to anything interesting; regardless of that I thought I would share a snippet of the past weekend.

Friday came and went and I spent the majority of it job searching and literally pounding the pavement as I don't have a car and public transit is a bit of a nightmare in my town, anyway I'm hoping to find either some part-time or full-time work to keep me occupied this summer as my shifts at my current seasonal job dwindle down. I haven't had much luck but I'm trying to stay upbeat and positive about it all. One really excited thing did happen this past Friday and it was the release of the movie Divergent. I've been looking forward to ever since I read the book last summer, see here for a full review of the trilogy.

Once it was released the only thing on my mind was how soon could I make it to the nearest movie theater. Sadly I had to wait till Saturday evening, when I got off from work, and yes those extra 24 hours really got to me. All in all it was a pretty decent movie and I can say that that's a fair assessment, as a lover of the
series and considering how so much stuff was left out of the adaptation. I know, I know, when a book is developed into a movie there will always be parts that get cut and that don't make it into the film but I honestly believe that this movie would have been better off staying a bit more true to the books. But hey what can you do? I still enjoyed watching one of my favorite books be brought to life on the big screen and I'm absolutely in love with the cast; Shailene Woodley is amazingly talented, Theo James is so attractive and don't even get me started about how hilarious Miles Teller is.

Anyway I didn't mean to go into full movie review critic mode, I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on the movie and regardless of the mixed feelings I would most definitely see it again. I wrapped up the remainder of my weekend by working all Sunday morning and vegging out on the couch watching The Amazing Race with the fam and eating Cadbury mini eggs, seriously what's in those things? Crack? Once you start eating them there's no stopping. Whatever, all in all a pretty solid weekend, no complaints here.

So tell me, what did you get up to this weekend? Do you have any plans on seeing Divergent, or are you more of the book first, movie second type? Also let me know if you like these type of weekend posts and if you think I should do more of them. I'd also like to start doing more OOTD's, tell me what you think of that in the comment section below.

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