Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Monday, March 10, 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation | Chestnut

It's official I have secured my seat on the bandwagon and I'm okay with that. Honestly, I can't even begin to name the different bloggers that have professed their love for this foundation, I mean the list is never ending. Regardless, I too have fallen in love with the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, and I want the world to know it. I picked up this bottle just over a week ago the day Estee Lauder released their annual gift with purchase, I obviously had to get in on that, I got an adorable makeup bag and a bunch of samples, now prior to my purchase I've been using a sample to test out the makeup and make sure I got matched correctly.

Double Wear has been on my radar for some time now but I had to do some research on my own before I ventured out to the counter. DW is described as a long lasting, lightweight foundation that stays in place for up to 15 hours without smudging. Since I suffer from extremely oily and blemish prone skin this foundation is perfect because it not only covers my skin's imperfections but also stands the test of time. In addition I find that I don't need to worry about concealer as the smallest amount is enough to blur even my more troublesome spots. DW is also oil-free and non-acnegenic, which is a fancy way of saying that it won't cause any breakouts, which so far so good (crosses fingers this continues).

This foundation is said to have a natural, semi matte finish with buildable coverage which again is great for me and my oily acne prone skin as this foundation can now work with my skin's natural oils. I say 'work with' because I prefer the look my foundation has about midday when my t-zone has a bit of shine to it, not to the effect that it's shiny but  where it look's natural. Application wise I have been playing around with different techniques including brushes, sponges, and my fingers and they all seem to work wonders but at the moment I prefer the look I get when I dot a bit all over my face and use my FT buffing brush, it just creates the most flawless finish.

The Double Wear Foundation retails for about $44 CND and can be found at your local Estee Lauder counters. If you're interested in this foundation you should act now while the free gift with purchase is still going on, it's a great value and who knows maybe I'll even feature some of the samples in a post or two.


  1. I might have to try this >.< hehe my bestfriends swear by this line.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. I'm seriously head over heels in love with it. The shade range is perf and the formula can't be beat. c:

      xo, Janiecy