Book Review: Divergent Trilogy

Friday, January 24, 2014

This book review might come to some of you as a surprise considering I've never mention this book series at all on my blog. I think it's called Divergent or something I don't really know, like what kind of title is that?

Okay all joking aside, this might be the 100th time I've mentioned this book series on my blog and every time I do I get just a giddy to talk about it as the first time I featured it in my July Favorites.

Back in July only the first two novels were released and I read them both in a span of two and half weeks. Since then the third and final book was released at the end of October and I soon picked that one up eager to find out how it all ends. Fast forward three months later and I am just now getting around to review the series for you guys. What took me so long? Well I guess you could say I wasn't a fan of how the story ended, okay I hated the ending. Don't get me wrong I respect the author's decision and they way she went about the conclusion but I just expected something a bit different.

Despite the ending I really enjoyed reading this series and I can't wait to reread it come summer time. Like with my other book review on here, without giving too much of the story and the plot away, I'm going to go into a brief overview of the story. 

The Divergent Trilogy is set in a dystopian future of the city of Chicago. The book follows the young heroine Beatrice "Trish" Prior who is faced with a test that leads her to make a challenging decision that will impact her future as well as her society. On the day of her testing Trish learns that she is divergent, a character trait that effects her way of thinking and impacts her ability to make her choice, upon learning that she is divergent Trish learns that she must keep keep that knowledge to her self as it will put her and her love ones in danger. To keep everyone safe Trish must hide her true identity in plain site and carry on living with the choice she ultimately makes. Along the way Trish soon finds out why being Divergent is such a danger and develops a plan to reveal the truth to the citizens of the city.

This book may sound confusing and complex, but that's only because I don't want to divulged any details that may ruin the experience of reading the series for those who are interested. All you really need to know is that this is a bad-ass book jammed pack with a lot of action, humor and romance, I mean what's not to love about that? Just pick up the first one and start reading, you wont regret it I promise.

And If you happen to need more convincing just know that they are making it into a movie, set to hit the big screen in March. Here check out the movie trailer.

So what do you think, is it worth check it out? Trust me once your about half way into the first book you'll wonder why you didn't start reading it sooner.

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