Introduction to 'xo.Janiecy.xo'

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I guess every good blog needs a good old fashioned introduction, so here's mine. I've been reading countless fashion and beauty blogs my whole life so the decision to start my own was kinda a no-brainier. As someone who also enjoys creative writing but doesn't get to do a whole lot of it in their everyday life, unless you count witty tweets as a form of creative writing, I've decide to start my very own blog to express all the things that I love, which includes anything and everything beauty and fashion related.

But who am I you ask, well I'm a nineteen year-old girly girl from Toronto who has just finished her second year at university, studying business, and is looking for a way to be stimulated creatively this summer as well as express her love for anything girly. I look forward to posting on this blog and sharing not just beauty and fashion post but everything else that captures my heart.


  1. Oeeeh Toronto! I'm moving there for the summer to study a business course ^^ Is your university located downtown (trying to figure out if we might bump into each other w/ out exposing personal details on which actual school)?


    Ruby H.

    p.s. Good luck blogging! I started my first blog when I was 18 and have enjoyed writing posts ever since!

    1. Nope sorry, my school is located east of the city.
      Thank you, so far I'm really enjoy writing it.

      xo, Janiecy